Saturday, November 25, 2006

Martyrdom Day of Nineth Sikh Guru Dhan Sri Guru Teg Bahadur

Today is the martyrdom day of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji. On this day Guruji scarified their life for awaking the whole Hindu community against the brutle actions of Muslim King Aurangzeb and his decision of spreading Islam under the shelter sword. The day can also be known as the foundation stone for the formation of Sikh religion as brutally killing of father has opted tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji with the establishment of Sikh Panth. According to the Guru words “ Chidya Naal Baj Ladoon taan Guru Gobin Naam Rakhaun” [ if I am wrong my sikh friends are requested to correct me] I am Guru Gobind Singh only if I make my sparrows capable of fighting with hawks. Today is the 331st anniversary of the day.

Those were the days; When King Aurnagzeb was in full swing of spreading Islam in India. He warned Kashmiri Pandits either to accept Islam or be ready for the painful, untimely death. Kashmiri Pandits looked in the mater seriously and concluded that only Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur is capable of rescuing them from their possible humiliation at the hands of King Aurangzeb and will protect them from accepting Islam. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib asks Kashmiri Pandit to agree conditionally with King Aurangzeb. The condition was that if King made Guru Ji to accept Islam by any means than all will accept it otherwise king will not ask them for it again. King Aurangzeb found this proposal more attractive as he thought that not only Kashmiri Pandits but all the followers of Sikh Gurus will accept Islam if he succeed, so he ordered for the prisonment of Guru. In the prison he made arrangements for high physical and mental punishments for the Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib, in a discussion with son Gobind Singh Ji, before going for prison, has said “Listen son! Time has come when some body has to scarify life to awake all Hindus”. All the physical and metal tortures were proved insufficient for making Guru Sahib agreed to accept Islam. King Aurangzeb was not ready to face the defeat so he ordered death sentence for Guru Sahib and on this day Guru ji were brutally killed at Chandani chowk Delhi. In the memory of this incident Gurudwara at place is named as the Shish Ganj Gurudwara. Public in general was remain away from the funerals of Guru Sahib with fear of being identified by the soldiers of Aurangzeb.

After the death of Father, Gobind Singh Ji was sworn in as the Tenth Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib were determined to produce a generation that don’t cares about self life and dare to face and fight the injustice so Guru Sahib established “Khalsa Panth” with the statement “I am giving some identification marks for these so my these disciples will be identified even a single is present in the crowd of thousand peoples.” Today these people are called as Sikh or most commonly Sardar Ji.
Step out from the world of misunderstanding

I wish to utilize this opportunity to clarify a hard truth about this brave and God fearing Sikh community. In our country Sardar Ji Ke Barah Baj Gaye is taken as the topic of humor. I am going to share with you the true story behind it. [Send to me by one of my e-friend Indu…].

In the year 1739 when Sultan Nadar Shah was on his way back with the huge Indian wealth and about 2200 Hindu women. Sardar Jassa Singh, the commander of newly formed Sikh Army of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, attacked on the convoy of sultan and rescued all the women, all this happened at mid night round the 12’o clock. After that it happened several times that any convoy going out of India with Hindu women were attacked at midnight by the soldiers of Sikh army and a kind of fear started among these robbers for the 12’o clock. The fear of attack by Sikh Army was become so deeply rooted in the minds of Mugal Soldiers that many of them started shouting in sleep “Be careful! Sardar ji ke Barah Baj Gaye” and become reason of humor for fellow soldiers on next morning.

Dear this is the reality of Sardar Ji Ke Barah Baj Gaye. It is very unfortunate that unknowingly we become part of tradition in which the above sentence is used as the humorous comment for a brave and God loving community. If you feel that you had done the same mistake, which thousands others are doing just pray your God for forgiving you and tell the real story to others.

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Anonymous said...

Sir,I went through your profile and am really interested in knowing that how come your Father Sahib had been inspired to recite Sri Guru Granth Sahib !

S.P.Sir said...

Dear Vismaad Singh Sahib
Sat Sri Akal
For your kind information our family belongs to "Sadhs" Sindhi community. Ancestors of Baba Lakhmichand Saheb are known as "Sadh". We do have Guru Darbar at our residence for self/Public worship. Our Day also starts with Japji Sahib and ends with Kirtan Sohila. I hope this will be sufficient to meet with your query.
Satnam Waheguru

Maverick said...

Dear, I would like to correct you on one account i.e
Chidya Naal Baj Ladoon taan Guru Gobin Naam Rakhaun
it is..
chidya se mein baaj tudaun, sawa lakh se ek ladaun, tabhi Gobind Singh naam kahau

BTW a very good post

vinit said...

hello sir ,
thankyou for letting us know about this things , especially the thing " sardar ke baara baj gaye " .

thanking you

Kulwinder said...

I was totally surprised by your knowledge. Although I knew it yet I was not expecting this to hear from some one in Maharashtra!
Thanks for reminding us about Guru Teg bahadur ji.

punjaban said...

Very good Effort!

Although you need to work on your sentence structure in general!

smvel said...

Thanks a lot for bring out this information. I think most of the youngsters are not aware of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib ji.