Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Once a villager asked to a saint,” Sir! You are visiting place to place. You are having knowledge of various religions, can you tell me any one idiom, which is used in all parts of the world and is an integral part of all the religious learning? The reply was “Honesty is the best policy.”
What we are observing today in our present day to day life, we are using this phrase “Honesty is the best policy” without understanding Honesty in its proper and wide sense, and subsequently we are being encircled by various problem storms. The two most damaging storms of all these are:
1] Creation of self centered nature and
2] Elopement of values from our day-to-day life.

Cross your heart, feel the light of almighty in your heart and then tell honestly, how honest are you? To be an honest person we must have the fallowing seven qualities. The first quality is the Humble nature, which helps to reach the truth. The second quality is the Orderly actions towards the search of the truth and ultimately to reach reality. Third quality belongs to Narration; one must be capable of narrating “truth”, the result of search to mosses.

Fourth quality is the Execution; one can work as the executive of the laws of truth and fairness with equal success not only with others but him-self also. The fifth quality is Sacrifice; one must be ready to sacrifice owns interest in the search of truth because without loosing any thing we can’t gain any thing.

The second last quality is the Trust-worthiness; one must have a behavior such that mosses can have a trust in the person. The last quality is Yielding nature; one must be able of producing good thoughts, behavior, even in the worst situations. Let consider a scene of Mahabharat, when Yudhshtra loosed his entire kingdom, him-self, his brothers and wife in the gambling with Shakuni, Yudhshtra was knowing that all will take his side, only he has to say that he was cheated by Shakuni, but his policy of honesty was not allowing him to do so. In fact honesty makes our behavior such, which we wish to have with us from the others.

According to our Hindu faith we are here on earth to work for the achievement of Moksha and the first step to our, this prime object of life is non-else but is the honesty. Literally honesty means the quality of Truth fullness and true means real, hence we can say that honesty is the quality, which is full of reality. As the life is real, similarly Moksha is also real and we can have it only in the exchange of real i.e. honesty.

How honesty makes a person great, immortal and beyond the time, to know this, we have to go in the childhood of late Mahatma Gandhi. Once school inspector came to visit his school and ask all the students of his class to write a few words, Mohandas wrote a word in incorrect way, the teacher ask him to correct it by copping from the adjacent student, but as honesty of Gandhi ji was not allowing for it, hence he refuse to do so and accepted the punishment. This honesty laid down the foundation stone on which his life building was build later on and what a marvelous and splendid was that even after more than half century of demolishing it, we are forced to remember his with all due respect and love as our “Father of Nation”.

Don’t we wish to have a life building, one like of the Mahatama Gandhi, for our self ? Then why we are waiting? Let us , we all , at this moment start working to gain all the seven qualities to bring honesty in our daily life.

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