Thursday, October 26, 2006


Human life is the ocean of emotions and some emotions tend to acquire name, one such emotion is friendship. The recipient and the deliverer of this emotion are called friends. Friendship and friends are in the existence since the early dawn of the civilization on the mother earth. Who can forget the famous friends of Mahabharat era Lord [God] Shrikrishna and poor Brahman [Priest] Sudama. Even the largest film producing industry bollywood is not unattached by this, from time to time this emotion is used as the central idea of the film. It may the oldies like Dosti, A Rajshree production or may be the recent past Dostana, A successful film of the super star Amitabh Bachan. One thing is sure that when ever a film is produced on this topic, it hits box office collection hugely, because this is the one emotion which attract us most and for which are our intuitions are always filled with curiosity.
Human is said a social animal and human life goes on with interacting other people from this variety of human sea, with a few we fall in friendship. Friends or friendship can be classified into following three categories :
One who comes for the reason
One who comes for the season
one who comes for the forever

Reasonable Friends
In fact these people can't be termed as friends, though it is a fact that our mutual behavior is one like the friends but it is fact that this behavior is born from the uterus of a specific reason. As soon as this reason goes away we forget about each other.
Seasonal Friends
This is yet another unnatural or accidental emotion of friendship, these people enter in our life for a short spawn of time, We spent a short specific period of our life with them, enjoy some moments of pleasure together, share our thoughts and dreams with each other and after that specific period it is all over like the packing up of the woolen cloth at the end of winter season.
Friends For Forever
In fact this the selective class of people for whom the pronunciation Friends was created. These are in our life neither for reason nor for the season, they are spontaneous and natural entrant of our life. Once they enter in our life, they remain there, if not for the whole life, at least for many many years to come. Thus we say Friends For Forever.
A few situations that help us to identify these real friends are
* A real friend will never hesitate to criticise you, as critic view help us to know our weakness and every one wish to have strong friends.
* A real friend will be seen around you in your difficult times as real friends never wait for help request.
* A real friends will always find time for you instead of asking to visit at a convenient time he will make the time convenient for you.
* A real friend will always have a faith in your and never ask or believe in rumors about you.
If you are finding a faithful shoulder to carry over all your sorrow, agony and unhappiness assume your self blessed by God as in this world, the ocean of self centered emotions, you are with a true Friend.

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rajesh said...

u spent best time of your life with your friends.....