Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Human Life and Values

How lonely man has become due to the run for the search of source of physical happiness? What a pity! To day human life become tasteless without the sweet and sour taste of family relations. Presently we are running towards the continuously becoming deeper and deeper valley of distress without bothering about the values.
Valueless behavior of human is the hottest topic of discussion everywhere. Out of the various reasons of the elopement of values from the human life, the most significant five are:
· Non availability of examples
· Breaking of combine family tradition
· Increasing attraction towards the source of physical happiness
· Money – to become axis of life
· Education – a means of earning only
Let we have a discussion on all of theses one by one.

Examples and life values
All most all the people, who are professionally analyzing human behavior, are of the opinion that whatever a human learns during the life almost 90% of that is learned by the analysis of the behavior of others and copying it.
The learning process of the kid doesn’t starts from the schooling but way back from the, Mother’s lap, home, family and society. Does all these are enriched with inspiring examples? In India a historical sentence “ Yatha Raja Tatha Praja” [Public will behave like the King] is expressing the importance and necessity of the examples in the process of cultivation of values. Once Mahatma Gandhi has said, “don’t hate criminals, hate crime, because it is the social environment and society, which are responsible, to a great extant for the criminal behavior of human.
We Indians are remembering Shriram, the son of king Dashrath, as the God and pray him for our prosperity and well being. Why? The reason is none else but only and only due to values reflecting behavior of Shriram in each and every aspect of life. It may his obedience to elders, may his nature to scarify for the younger brother, or may be his believe in the principle of equality of human beings, which force him to eat Ber [a fruit] at the hands of lower caste woman Shabari. Still we are paying our hearty homage to late Mahatma Gandhi by remembering him as Rashtra-pita [Father of Nation], similarly our hearts will never dried up of the memories of the Bhagatsingh, Rajguru and Azad, because these were the people, who by their inspiring behavior not only sets an example for the creation of urge for the independence but also generated the emotion to scarify each and everything for the achievement of independence.
Once somebody asked Mahatma Buddha, “Sir! I wish to become a saint like you. You are guiding whole world, can you help me by suggesting the easiest way of becoming a saint.” Buddha replied “oh! Dear, only you have to keep correct your behavior, when others will start imitating your behavior, you automatically will become saint”. Does our present family atmosphere and socio environment are giving the same illustrated behavior to the younger generation? In my view to know what younger generation if getting a hypothetical dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi, who meet in the Heaven will be sufficient.
· Oh! Dear Rajeev! How is mine India? How she is progressing?
· Oh! Grandpa, India is progressing at a very high rate. See you was killed by the bullets of a pistol, after that the Indian progress touched its high point so my mother Indira Gandhi got numerous bullets from the machine gun, but the progress was not stopped even here, hence I was dispatched here by virtue of a human bomb.
Remember any reform tend to achieve the destination of success only if it is started from home [our own self]. So my dear friends awake! Awake! Not from today but from this vary moment separate your self from the valueless behavior, to become not only the inspiring example for the younger generation but also the foundation stone of value regarding future human life.

Breaking of combine family tradition
How much progress we Indians has achieved? Starting with the principle of “Humanity is a family” today we are reaching to a point, where we didn’t wish to have our elderly Mother and Father staying with us, meagerly due to the reason that we think they might prove an obstacle for our personal life.
Combine Family Tradition was the continuously growing source of life values, which is going to dry up due to our own actions. In combine family the responsibility of growing kids was laying at the hands of the elderly persons of the family, who by virtue of their life experiences were able to keep the illustrated behavior and most of times were able to prevent the younger generations from going on the path of valueless behavior. Today by shouting the slogan of personal independence, we have turned this mighty ocean into smaller ditches. When on receiving a telephone call from an undesired person we ask our kids to convey about our non-availability, we almost forget that our kids are learning to speak untruth in certain situations and in fact this is the poisonous seed from, which the giant and branched tree of valueless behavior has grown up. The hugeness of this tree is raising our body hairs with fear.
Surely I am not going to suggest the restart of combine family system, because it will be like the rotating the time clock in the backward direction, which is not only impossible for us but also beyond our reach. Surely it is within our reach to expand our family circle a bit from our present one of Husband, Wife and Kids, so that our elderly Mother and Father can also be accommodated in the family.

Increasing attraction towards the source of physical pleasure
In my childhood I have heard, Human is committing sin only, when his requirements are not cooping with his income. Now, after being grown up I found it a fact and many incidents of our present socio-surroundings are turning this fact into a hard bitter truth. Keep it in your mind, when requirements are not fulfilled only and only un-satisfaction is generated. Have a look around you, in search of one and only one satisfied person. I am confident that, if your search is not impossible, than surely it will be hard for you to take your search to the destination of success.
Our tendency of achieving more and more physical pleasure, force us to earn more and more money. In this blind race of earning more and more money, we often forget about good/bad or right/wrong, which results in the creation of self centered behavior. Today honestly our behavior become such that, we are sad not because, we have any scarcity in any aspect of our life but because of the reason why the others are enjoying the pleasure of life. Surely this emotion of jealousy works as the fuel of our fire of selfishness and make our life and behavior more and more valueless.

Money – Axis of Life
Present era can be called as the economic era. In fact when money become more and more important part of our life, it start working as the foundation stone of our valueless behavior. Presently human life, from birth to death, is revolving on the axis of money. The mirage of earning more and more money has fulfilled human life with valueless and only the valueless behavior.
What more disgrace of God we will have? Today in each aspect of life we are having leaders, not well cultural, well-civilized persons but the persons, who can burn money, which even might be earned and collected by the illegal ways. Nobody at any moment can deny the importance of money in the life but the relation of the values and money must be of the salt [money] and the flour [values]. Unfortunately we are having situation just opposite of it. In our present life, the money occupies more important place of flour and the lesser important place is being given to the values. Surely, this is area, where our point of view needs to be change to its totality. Only then we will be able to provide a value full life to our younger generation.

Education – A Device of Money Earning
If we can open our eyes and observe our present socio-human environment, we can conclude that, our present society education means the acquirement of the abilities essential for the earning money. According to Indian faith, education is the third eye of human beings. It is the education, which has made men more civilized, more cultural and different from other mammalian animals. The same education got this meager status of abilities required for the money earning, hence a vacuum of values is generated in our life.
Today our common social thought is that, our kids will get as higher earning jobs as higher degrees [not the education] they acquire. Our attitude towards the education tends to create a desire in our kids for the gaining the degrees by all means. What more displeasing situation we face, today we are measuring teacher’s educational abilities, from the number of pass students in the subject thought by the teacher. We are appointing persons in our office not according to their honesty, sincerity but on the basis of the degrees they hold.
It is the necessity of the hour to alter our this habit of deciding ones ability and efficiency only on the basis of the degrees acquired by the person. We must take in consideration the civilized, well-mannered and cultural behavior, along with the attitude of the person towards the life, while deciding the abilities of a person. Dear friends, this is the only way to convert our valueless behavior into one, which is enriched with values.

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