Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shree Ganesha: First Step

My self a Hindu and very strong believe in the existence of the God. What my eternal source suggest and I have faith in, is what ever is being done in this material world by using my body is in fact is the work and will of that power, whose existence can be felt at every walk of life, hence whatever today and in the future you are going to read on these pages is being dedicated to that great creator and care taker of this universe.
According our customs and traditions Lord Ganesha is worshiped ahead of all Gods. Does it indicate that as per epic among the 33 billions [karors] Hindu Gods and Goddess Vighanharta Ganesha are most powerful? No, He is not. Than what is the reason for which we worship Parvati Putra, Gourinanadan ahead of all Gods? The story behind this known to me goes like this
Once, at her residence at Himalayan caves, Mother Parvati [Wife of God Shiva] has to go for bath and there was no one for the safe guarding the entrance of the residence, hence she with her divine powers produced a child and ask him to stand at door with the instructions of not allowing any body in the residence till she came out. Doing that she went for the bath, meanwhile God Shiva with his several servants came there. Just he was to enter the residence he heard a voice preventing him from doing so he turned back and saw a kid, he tried to explain the kid that he is husband of Parvati and owner of the house but child was not ready to listen any thing, he was unmoved from his suggestion to wait out side till the mother comes out, In deep anger Lord Shiva cut the head of boy and entered in the house.
Parvati was pleased to see her husband but also was surprised she enquired about the boy. When she came to know about the death of the boy she becomes very said. Seeing this to please Parvati, Lord Shiva asked his servants to search a new head so the boy can be brought back to life. Servants obeyed the order but the first head they found was of an elephant hence the boy become elephant headed.
Parvati was happy to see the boys back to the life but was also worried about the new shape of the boy. At that time God Shiva said “Don’t worry Parvati! I am pleased with this boy’s attitude of not thinking even of own life for obeying the order given by the mother, hence I am blessing him that whenever any devotee will start any worship your this son Ganesha will be worshiped ahead of all Gods”.
The tradition, that started so many thousands of year back is still continued and we Hindu are used to say Shree Ganesha whenever we start any new venture I hope you will say that this is very good Shree Ganesha of my blog.

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