Thursday, October 19, 2006


Merry Quiery, the only lady of the world, twice winner of the Nobel Prize, was experimenting for the isolation of radium from the pinch blendy [ore], she performed about one hundred experiments without achieving her aim. Many of her colleagues ask her to drop the idea, as she was unsuccessful in reaching her destination. Merry Quiery replied, “Who says that I am unsuccessful? I am on the road of success because now I know that radium can’t be isolated by these hundred ways.” What these words are expressing? Only and only positive frame of her mind. It is the part of history that at last she was able to isolate radium to bag her second Nobel Prize. So my dear friends, if we wish to win the race we have to be positive.
Positive nature helps to find out the shining side of the worst situation and hence help to solve the problem. Consider the famous tour of England cricket team to Australia, the famous bodyline series, the “Ashes”. Though Australia loosed the series, but it results in the use of helmet by the batsman. It is the positive vision to the Bodyline series, which is saving life of the players, from the fast rising death on the fields of modern cricket, in the form of helmet.
One can stand up even from, the ones ash, if the heart and mind are in the state of positive ness. Let consider the example of Japan after the Second World War, compare the economics status of the country now and than. The difference is as high as is the Everest. This is only the attitude of Japanese, to be positive. This quality of being positive helped them to start rebuild the nation with their own limitations and this positive ness helped them to such a great extant that in most parts of the worlds shops are having a good quantity of the products from the factories of Japan. Positive vision intended to generate courage, this courage helps to face the devil. Remember as soon as you face the devil, you will find him running away from you.
I, in my childhood read somewhere that, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “the person and the nation, who doesn’t know how to die, they also doesn’t know how to live”. Theses words are the perfect expression of being positive. Usually what we think, life ends at the death but being Indians, we know life is extended even beyond the death and we work accordingly. This positive vision to life helps us to do more and more for deprived section of the society, city, nation and the world.
Once Florence Nightingale has said, “ I know, I am alone, I cannot do all the work, which is pending but I am sure of one thing that at least some of this work, I can do and I will do that”. So dear friends forget about all and keep your positive attitude intact surely success will behave as your slave.

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