Thursday, October 19, 2006


A continuous process of overcoming of owns mistakes, setting new examples and leading from the front are the some of the phrases which can be associated with the success. Consider the two most popular stars of 70's and 80's from the bollywood, Rajesh Khana & Amitabh Bachan, both have touched a never before touched popularity graph and become role model of millions of Indians but as the Rajesh Khana took that as the ever possible highest achievement and is out of the focus today, Where as for Amitabh, it was a continuous flow and he has moved it . The result is Amitabh is still in the list of popular stars, even after entrance of his son Abhishek in the same erina. Many people who test the success , think that they have touched the virgin height of their field hence no body can reach up to them. They often forget that "There is always a space vacant above" . All the records are created to for being broken, The real success is not the reaching on top but is the to remain on top.
Like the food dishes success doesn't have any recipe so that you can add the ingredients in a certain pre fixed ratio and test the success just as of dish. Success is not a destination but is a continuously on going journey during which you have to face and tackle various situations and problems and your this capacity to keep calm and coping with adverse time, is the basis to define quantity and quality of your success. The factors that helps to be successful are varying with time, person and situations but still we can identify some universal ones and some of these are Hardworking, Knowledge, Innovative Nature, Vision, Attitude, Luck and so on.
Success doesn't moves with smooth express highway roads, you have to a perfect cross country runner to achieve it and do remember without handy tool of knowledge no one in the world has tested the success. In your surroundings you are sure to find at least a couple of millions other people engaged with the job of yours, until and unless you are not innovative your work will not look differ from the lot and success will be at the same distance from you, just as of the faience of a poor person keep the distance from him. Your success ratio is directly proportional to your innovative nature. [ Here innovative nature means doing the same work in different style and manner to achieve a desirable result].
You need an adhesive also, to keep you stick with your ideas and work plan on the roads going towards the success , as you sure to face ups and downs. If you can't concentrate and keep your destination within your sight, surely you will be on the looser side. It is said that " Success is slave of those, who dare to dream it and capable of handling it." Here your attitude of looking towards the given situation and utilising the situation to opt maximum benefit in owns favors will help you to keep a constant flow of success in your life. Look into your own inner view, Are you ready to flow with the success? Can you dare to dream success ? Are you capable of handling the options that were opened for you due to success ? If all or majority of these are affirmative than who is saying that you are not on the roads leading to success.

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