Thursday, October 19, 2006

Obesity : Causes & Preventative Measures

Among the worries which are the production of recent era, undoubtedly obesity is the front runner and attracting attention of major share of human population. What is this obesity which is hottest topic of the discussion among the people from the one corner of the globe to another corner? In our common language of conversation being over weight is termed as the obesity where as the expertise of the medical science or from the field of dieticians will define this with the help of particular term called BMI or on the basis of size and number of fat cells present in the body.
BMI or Body mass Index is the calculation done on the basis of body weight and space occupied in simple words by dividing the body weight [in kilogram] with the height [in sq.m] what we get is our BMI, and all the persons with over 30 BMI are obese. Our body is constituted with a fixed number of various types of cell usually body of a normal sized person contains 30 to 35 billion fat cell. Male with 25% and a female with 30% increase in these cells are said to obese.
Basically obesity is the process of gaining weight and usually it takes some tens of years. Whenever we took food energy in excess of our body consumption we tend to store it within the body in the in the form of fats. In fact the major cause of obesity is our life style and just as the joke it is said that this is a royal assets poor people are not entitled to acquire it. As our life become more comfortable the chance of being obese goes more on the positive side, as the comfortable life helps us to store the fats. Our eating habits and some other habits are also making us to fall the pray of obesity. In some people a tendency of eating even beyond the hunger is observed, In some others people it is a habit of eating while watching the TV. here also unknowingly we eat more than our requirements. Some people are seen with a habit of taking at least one meal out in the hotels or restaurants, this is also a favorable factor for the development of obesity. In the hotels most stress is given on the test of food and in the greed of test we tend to eat more.
Continuous illness and side effects of some medicines are also leading towards the development of obesity. Series of losing weight by the process of dieting is another reason as it disturbs water cycle in our body.
Recent research of the topic also indicates that obesity can also be a transferred from one generation to another as heredity. How the our health is effected from obesity that we are going to discuss in the next topic A self control and cure from the dietary diseases.
If we can chose to implement a simple work eating plane for self we easily can escape from the trap of this highly health destroying term obesity. The simple plan includes :
Regular & not to hunger intake of food.
A good walk say for 2-3 kilometers will help you to burn the extra calories, that otherwise will stored as the fats. Our father of Nation Bapu [Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi] was of the opinion that walking is the queen of exercises.
Instead of going your office at third floor by lift use staircase to burn extra calories.
Try to know about from your doctor which are foods with high calories and try to avoid them. For example cord fish is a Non vegetarian food stuff with low calories in comparison of other food of this class.
If you are unable to overcome your temptation of watching television [TV] than instead of watching by laying on bed seat on chair and eating while the watching is strictly prohibited.

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