Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Food and Fitness

Obesity is the term which is the cause of worry not only of the women but also a majority of men. All the health conscious people are afraid of this term to such great extant that a lot of them prefer a series of fasts, another lot is sweating hours and hours in gym while few others are paying real huge to dieticians so this term can’t be pronounced with reference to them. According to expertise of medical field and dieticians Food and Fitness are the inter related terms and are depending on each other so heavily that even one can affect other adversely.
Every walk of human life is slave of energy and when body stops energy consumption we say person is no more. Our universe is enriched with various forms of energy but unfortunately for being fit we have to depend upon only one form of energy and this solo form is the Food energy. According to Hindu faith Five elements are the constituents of human body hence it is suggested that there must be five intakes of food during the day. Our faith even goes further and suggests that beside the physical health, food is also related with the mental and even the spiritual health of a person.
From the view point of a chemist our food is composed of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins & Minerals and the Water. Out of these the first three can be used as the source of energy, though Carbohydrates are the main source of our energy requirement but fats are also the stored source of energy. In fact it is not the body weight but is the stored fat quantities which are the main hindering for the fitness. From all the food stuffs that we took, we get energy in the form of calories. It is not the balance diet, as the most of dieticians suggests but it is essential to maintain the equilibrium of the calories, taken and consumed for keeping our fitness intact. If you are maintaining the balance energy intake and consumption, inspite of being over weight you can remain fit.
Our energy requirements varies from person to person and from profession to profession or with the nature of work which we do everyday. Remember even the energy requirements of the two persons working for same hours and from same profession may not be the same. As if a patient goes to doctor and complains about the stomach pain, doctor has to believe it because he has no equipments to verify that patient is correct or not. Similarly it is not the dietician but you are the correct person to decide what & which quantity of food you need to satisfy your energy requirements. In my personal life I have worked on it successfully and even after crossing the fifty I find myself fit for working more than 13 hours per day. My experience suggests that
1] We need not to be afraid of the oily & spicy foods, till your intestines and digestive system are not alarming you there is no harm in keeping continue intake of these.
2] Water is most essential part of body almost 70% of body weight, beside that it also works as the cleaning agent taking out the toxins in the form of urine & sweat, so give a good attention for the intake of water I suggest a dozen of glass daily.
3] Never eat to your hunger, always keep vacant space for metabolic activities. The ideal proportion is that fill one half of your stomach with food, One quarter with water and remaining one quarter as the space for the metabolic activities.
4] Make a habit of taking some thing it even may be a couple of biscuits with the first tea of morning because it is just as we have to kick our bikes twice / thrice in winters to make the engine heated. Early morning walk also helpful in the process of keeping fit to self.
5] Be remain stick to your food intake schedules and don’t miss to eat at the scheduled time daily. Avoid hard to digest, food stuffs at dinner as during night when we sleep our bodies metabolic activities goes on the slower side. Preferably soups are the ideal ones.


Anonymous said...

What you have mentioned is Nice, but then i must have read the same thing atleast a million times on other blog pages, you should be more specific in the kind on food that a obese person should take.

Thats what everybody wants to read

S.P.Sir said...

Dear Unknown Visitor
For your Information there is a series of articles related to the topic and will published in due course of time. This was just introductory one.
An article on obesity is already published.