Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Imagine you are Adam and you had not met with Eve yet. Try to analyses your thought process what you will be thinking in that lonely situation? Some of the most certain questions which were bubbling within your cerebral cortex are, who am I? Where from I came here? What is this place and who created it? In fact these and similar questions is the point from where we start learning spirituality. Many of us often consider spirituality and religion as one but in fact both never can be the same as religion is faith and spirituality in the science of knowledge. In faith there is no scope for knowledge, as love is blind so is the faith, once you are having faith in destiny, you are making free your self from many worries, but the same can’t goes with spirituality. Every time there are so many ifs and buts are before you and you can’t escape from there, you have face and find certain answer of each and every if and but. In fact the process of finding these answers is none else but the spirituality. However religion and spirituality can go side by side like the two faces of the coin as both religion and spirituality are related to and created by human. Here in this article we are focusing on spirituality from the view point of vocabulary.
A dozen of alphabets starting from “S” to “Y” comprise the word “Spirituality”. Here we will not go with any expert of topic, nor will quote some great personalities of the field. We will look at the “Spirituality” from the sight of the dictionary, we will try and find out what is hidden in the word ocean for each alphabet to provide and constitute a real meaning for the word “Spirituality”. I dare to do this only because of the fact that first two alphabets of my name and spirituality are common and are “S” & “P”.
We will start with “S” and end our search by finding word “Spontaneous“for the alphabet “S”. Practice a word from dictionary we choose for the alphabet “P”.”I’ is the alphabet which being used thrice in the word “Spirituality” and here we took “Individual”, “Idolism” and “ Inherent” for these three “I”, Similarly alphabet “T” comes twice in the word “Spirituality” and for these we are considering “Teachings” and “Totality” respectively. By this time we are able to find out words for 7 alphabets of the word “Spirituality” and for remaining five my suggestions are Realisation for “R”, Unique / Universe for “U”, Adopt/ absorb for “A”, Loyalty/learning for “L” and for “Y” we took Yield/ Yogi. Here we will close our dictionary as the choosing of words, with possible sounding of each alphabet has been completed successfully.
Now the second and tough phase starts we have to arrange all the words in a meaningful sentence to get a proper definition for the “spirituality” and my efforts end with
The spontaneous practice of an individual yogi for the realization of unique idolism teaching with loyalty and his ability to give the yields in its totality to the younger generations as inherent character can be termed as spirituality.
What till you has read was a game in which I was playing with worlds. In fact what spirituality means to me? That I will try to analyses in following few lines:-
If you spell word “spirituality” you will notice that you have to pronounce alphabet I thrice and alphabet U once. These are the four alphabets/ centers around which my spirituality is revolving. To me the three I, are
[1] I means I [Myself]
[2] I mean God [pronounced by God for himself]
[3] I stand for Identity
And the “U” is indicative of the union. Thus to me spirituality in none else but the union of the I [myself] and I [God] to form a single I [Identity].

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