Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Commitment a word composed of ten alphabets is not meagerly a word but in fact is a total philosophy which is able to change our life style in a different way, but surely towards the positive and better side of the life.
It was none else but the “Love commitment” of Majnoo towards the Laila which forced him to forget the common rule of not passing in front of the person paying Namaj [Muslim way of Prayer], remember majnoo’s answer to mulla, who was angry with him as he passed in front of the mulla, while mulla was busy in paying his Namaj, “ when in the love of God made Laila, I forget that some body is paying namaj, how you can remember that some body is passing in front of you, while paying your thanks to God.” Don’t these words are reflecting the real meaning of the commitment?
The ten alphabets of the word “commitment” have a very huge meaning hidden within them. Let-us try to unfold the mystery and find out the truth. The first alphabet is “ C “ which stands for
C = Cap-a-pie [from head to foot]
It was cap-a-pie which helped Arjun to aim at bird’s eye, where due to lack of this all other Pandavas and Kauravas failed to do so.
Next three alphabet “ O “, “ M “ and “ M “ stands for
O = Orderly
M = Morale [state of discipline and spirit]
M = Magnificent
The history never forgets the death of Bhisham Pitamah. It was orderly actions of the lord Krishna, which brought Arjun in the state of discipline and spirit to achieve the splendid, but desired result, which has changed the whole complex of the war.
The next alphabet “ I “ indicates
I = Idealism
Does we have belief in our ideals? The lack of this faith, in fact is the one of causes of value crises, which we are facing presently.
T = Taboo
Taboo is narrated by the alphabet “ T “. It is taboo due to which our history has only one Arjun. Otherwise who could say that Eklavaya might not become another Arjun?
We measure the boundaries of our world by seven seas, hence the seventh alphabet of “ M “ of the word commitment stands for
M = Measurable
Does what units of value measurement presently we have are proper one? My memory recalls an example again from the Mahabharat [one of the most sacred book of Hindhu religion], one day Acharya Guru Dronacharya asked Yudhistar to find out a man with devil spirit and Duryodhan a gentleman in the human ocean of the city Hasthinapur, when sunsets both after spending whole day in the streets of the city, came to Rajguru and narrated their failure in the search of the required person.In the same city Yudishtar was unable to find a man with devil spirit, While Duryodhan could not located even a single gentleman. It shows that vision of the person can change the meaning of the same thing.
The last three alphabets “ E “, “ N “ and “ T “ does indicates a medical specialization but they stands for
E = Enhance
N = Naturally
T = Task Master
Only the person who imposes hard can add something to the things, which work according to nature. It was task mastery of Newton, which enabled him to find out “ Laws Of Motion “.
So my friends now search your own inner view and find out to what extant you are committed. In my personal view point keeping self aware about ones shortcomings is the first step towards the improvement.


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