Friday, October 20, 2006

Deepawali : Festival of Lights

Love of Indians for the celebrations is unique, enthusiasm for the festivals is beyond the comparison so it is truly said that India is the country of festivals. History revels that Deepavali or Diwali was the festival of Hindus but changing time has converted this festival into the most celebrated festival of Indian spread all over the world. Deepavali has expanded lights and become festival of India from the festival of Hindus. India, the only country of world with most variations about the religious faith, teaching and setting example for the religious unity and harmony by celebrating this festival in real grand style.
Historic Stories [Reasons of Celebration]
Maryada Purshotam Ram along with Sita & laxman returned back to Ayodhiya after completing Vanvas of 14 years on this day.
Day before the Diwali on Chaturthi Narkasur was killed by Lord Shri Krishna hence on next day Deepmala celebration was performed by citizen of Gokul.
It was Kartik Amavasa when Shrikrishan along with other took castles for grazing and in the evening it was celebrated with lights.
It was also Kartik Amavasa on which Shri Krishna left the physical body.
This was the day on which during the Mahabharat era Maharaj Yudishtar started Rajsuau Yug hence on the night a special light celebration was done.
On request of Gods, Lord Vishu bagged of three feet area from the Generous and powerful King Bali and keep third step to send him to Patal loak. This is celebrated as the second day of the festival.
Goddess Mata Rani was in the form of Mahakali to abolish devil forces but even after killing them the anger of Mahakali was not ended so her body was touched by Lord Shiva and the form of Mahakali become pleasant and peace full, In remembrance of this, Tradition of worship of Goddess Laxmi came in existence.
Rishi Udalak has donated his son Nachiketa to Yamraj [God Of Death] and in the residence of Nachiketa gained the Brahma Gyan [ True Knoweldge] on that day on earth a celebration of light was arranged.
Almost 2500 years ago Mahatma Buddha was welcomed with a series of Deeps [earthen pots with oil used to give light].
It was Kartik amavasa, when Guru Hargovind Sahib ji returned to Amratsar after being released from the prison of Muslim ruler King Jahangir.
24 th Tirthkar Mahaveer swami of Jain religion got the nirvan [end of physical life] on this day .
Beside these there may be some other reasons unknown to me.
The Celebrations
Though the Diwali is said to be festival of three Days namely Laxmi Poojan, Bali Prtipada and Bhau Bij [Full moon day]but the celebrations starts with Dhan Teras, the 13th day of dark part of the month. It is a epic that every one must purchase something for the kitchen so in the coming year kitchen remain filled with all necessary things, though with the time tradition of purchasing Gold, Diamonds etc. has also become the trademark for the day.
On the day of Narak chaturthi specially in south India people get up early in the morning say 4'o clock and as per the tradition have the oil bath. Than comes the real big day Laxmi Poojan Deepavali. On this day Worship of Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of wealth is performed in variety of ways. Before the start of April to March accounting year this day was also known as the Bahi Pooja Day, still so many people worship their account books to be used for next year on this day because for the Indians still business is the transactions of truth.
The last day is Badu[ in sindhi] or Bhau Beej, on this day married sister invites her brothers at her residence and felicitate them. There is also tradition that on this day brothers are giving gifts to sisters. The mark of festival are the sweets and crackers as the diwali day being amavasaya a day without moon in the sky but the fire crackers that are burnt on this day makes the sky a life time experience for the non Indians and a scene worth to watch.
Health Aspect
This festival is celebrated at the end of rainy season and start of the winter season. As per the tradition all the houses are cleaned, recolored and decorated with flowers and perfumes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. In this way a hygienic atmosphere is created though the fire crackers produce air pollution but the interiors of houses become protective from the diseases may caused by this season change.
Economic Aspect
This is time of highest tide of the business ocean. All the companies plans there market stargazes well in advance to meet with with the real high market demands in the fields of starting with cloths to high tech electronic goods it is said that almost 40% of sales targets are achieved during these five six days.

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