Sunday, September 09, 2007

MNC Working: Creating the need

MNC Working: Creating the need

Just look at the modern business world, Government machinery fails, local businessmen undergo the feeling of being unsuccessful but as soon as a MNC enters the arena scene start changing, the gloomy sky start taking shape of pleasant atmosphere with favorable winds and never before clarity makes the vision more and more positive and filled with excitement. Does these MNC are with a magic lamp to produce the magnificent effect? Does they are superman, capable of bringing these drastic and unbelievable changes? It is fact these are the peoples seating at the money Everest, huge investing capacities, more skilled human power and power of sustaining losses for a considerable long period are making them different of lot but their success source does not lies here in. As these supporting factors can be managed and made available by any body active in the field and wish to touch never before success heights.

In fact the strength of MNC's lies in their unmatched and marvelous quality called "creating the need". They are not followers of "Deserve before Desire" but are the masters of generating "Desires". They believe in "If desire is there human beings will go for the fulfillment either by hook or crock". They also believe in making the commodities part of living styles, Just look at young Indians, instead of cheaper fresh lime juice or healthier coconut water they are running behind costly carbonated cold drinks which may also prove a health hazard, and making it icon of life style. They even neither think nor hesitate to pay more than Rs. 10/- for a bottle of these cold drinks for which manufacturing cost is less than a rupee. Even in the Punjab "chhola Bhatura" or in the south "Idlee" are fighting for their existence against Burger culture. This is not because of these burger and other such fast foods are more nutritious and more health supportive but just as these MNC have successfully highlighted the unhygienic conditions under which Indian foods are prepared publicly and hide the harms of MNC products. We are avoiding to eat "Vada Pav" at road side stall just because it is being prepared before us but don't hesitate to eat "Pizza" just because we are observing gloves covered hands in the action.

It is fact an old story from my memory inspired me to go for this writing, that story not only reflects the functioning of MNC's, there ways of creating need but also successfully broke the myth of modern youth that they are the progressive human spices over their parents, modern youth may be leading on the fronts of technology and handling the modern equipment but surely we are miles and miles behind in spotting the adverse effect of a certain happing on our future life, in comparison of our elders, at least these stories are supportive of this fact. I know many of my blog readers will show their disagree ness with this at this moment but I am sure after reading the story all will left with only option of being agree with this.

As n my this blog posting is going to be a bulky and lengthy hence I am going to post the story as the separate and concluding part of this.

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