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Teacher: co parent

Teacher: co parent
[Types of Teachers]

Teachers are considered as the co parents of children because this is teacher who helps kids in the development of mental faculties and shapes and guides for the development of social attitude essential for the calm, peaceful, responsible and successful future social life. The job of teacher can only compare with fine art in which high quality of skills are involved. Though it is much hard, almost impossible for a teacher to turn a dum into a genius but it is also fact that teacher is the only person who can find out the hidden talents, skills, attitude and intelligence of a kids, ahead of all and beside providing supportive atmosphere for the growth of these, creates opportunities for exposure of these, ultimately resulting in the development of personality of students. In India we are with rich heritage of relationship of Guru [teacher] and Shishya [Students] it is unfortunate that like other human relation is also on the verge of being killed by modernization of human society. In fact in this era this Guru Shishya tradition is almost vanishing from our social life. There may be various reasons for this but as this is a separate topics hence I will summarize it here with in the present era teachers are professional and Students are looking at teachers as their servants because in India there is democratic way of ruling and teachers are public servants being paid by government.

At every walk of life human beings are with ideals [ones standards for imitation] because psychics says that more than 90% of behavioral changes of human beings have origin in the power of copying others. Student life is the primary stage of setting ideals and most of the times students are looking at teachers for fulfillment of this, this might be the reason which increases responsibility of teachers towards the society and nation and often force us to see the adjective "creators of nation" in association of the teachers. Students with their own power of observation, analyzes personality and behaviors of the teachers and put them into various categories, though these categories are changing year to year and group to group but a few that remains constant are

1. Funny Teachers: Students are feeling fun by living in the company of these teachers. As in the modern days life is more stressful ever hence teachers of this category owns major share of popularity votes.
2. Friendly Teachers: These are the teachers who put "Friendship" at the top of all the human relations and try to interact with students accordingly but they often forget that this behavior will result in the creation of false confidence among the students. Teachers of this category enjoy a good share of popularity votes.
3. Greedy Teachers: These types of teachers are often eager to hear words of praise for self only from the mouth of students and favors students who criticizes other teachers in front of them.
4. Merciful Teachers: These are the teachers who think responsibility of shaping the attitude of students lies mainly at the hands of parents; hence they often concentrate on completing syllabus of their subject and behave lion heartily for over looking at the mistakes committed by the students. Surprisingly these teachers holds minimum share of popularity votes.
5. Perfectionist Teacher: These teachers try to perfect in every act and assume the same for the students, hence often punish students very heavily even for the common human weakness.
6. Strict Teachers: Teachers of this category are non popular among the students during their days of student life but when these students enter into real life surprisingly they find their heart filled with a kind of respect and liking for teachers of this category.
7. The Best Teacher: Majority of these comes from the category of "Strict Teachers" the only difference is that on contrast of the perfectionist teachers they know the art of avoiding human mistakes and become friendly with students at only the appropriate times. Their action with students goes in the style of looking after.

This is not a perfect category analysis of the teachers but just an attempt to try to have insight into the personality of the teacher.

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