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Sex and Sensex

Sex and Sensex

Indians or rather the citizens of third world countries are under the storms of these two words Sex and Sensex resulted and entered into their life from the globalization. The market movers and kings of the western world are of the opinion that what is need of sending the war ships and military troupes to these countries? Just clear the roads for our entrances and we will conquer them. Yes they can. With the huge financial sources they are able to dictate terms of economic world and with condoms they are there to destroy and demolish the cultural values and social life. As we all know no community can live without own language so is the relation of Nation with culture and life style. We are Indians just because of having a distinct life style and a specific culture which is making us different from the lot. The day, life style of Mumbai and New York will start running on the same lines there will be No American or No Indian, It will be just globalization? Do we wish to see an increased pre marriage pregnancy rate? Are we ready and wishing to see our social life, with high growth rate of alone men, alone women or single parent? Do we find sufficient reasons to kill our rich social traditions for the sensex boost? Will, that, so called money flow into life will make us richer in true sense? These and this kind of many questions are needed to be addressed before we opt for the word globalization.

Look at the life changes that are being predicted and being posed on our minds through the advertisements for bringing condom revolution in India. I don't know weather this fear of Aids is human created or is the curse of God for the human beings but surely this is working for the condom revolution. When a young collegiate boy goes for overnight outing with friends, this market created progressive father slowly and softly, in a hidden manner hands over the condom, so called safety weapon. Thank God, still either the imagination of bold Indian mother is away from the reach of the copy writers of these market movers or they didn't dare to do so for the fear of failure in their strategies.

Sex is the integral part of the life and from the ancient times India is holding the position of leader in the sex education. "Kamsutara" and "Khajuraho Temple" are the two of the most famous gifts given to the rest of the human world by the India in relation of this. When these market movers says that India and other third world countries should open their schools for the sex education, I wish to have a laugh with roar, what a joke, they are asking to open the door for the entrance of what that exist in our society since so many centuries. It is really unfortunate that elites of our present education system are also supportive of this and unable to see the camouflaged aim wisely kept hidden behind the fear of deadly disease Aids or we can say that fear of this disease is helping them to move a step forward in their aim. I recall and wish to share with you all, when I got the night fall first time; I went to my father asking him what was that? "You have seen the earthen pot, we use to store water. What will happen if we kept on pouring water in it" was the question of my father. "Surely water will flow out as soon as the pot is filled completely" I answered. "The same thing is here; this is a natural reaction, after a specific time our body wishes to indicate its readiness for the acquiring of reproduction capacity and does it in this way. You neither to worry about it nor to think about it because it is quite possible that till your marriage, this might happen several times with you it is nothing else but the indication of being completely filled". Just consider the same situation with a boy from the present era, he will not go to his father in this situation just because these market movers have successfully washed his brain with the thought that he belongs to progressive spices of human beings over his parents and salt of wound is that our western world inspired education system is helping him in making his thought stronger and stronger. Technical advancement is also working in favor of this.

This valley of difference between the generations is becoming wider also due to our vision towards the sex. For the western world sex is a just a physical phenomenon, It is a want of body which is to be fulfilled any where and any how, Where as we Indians look at the sex as most essential action of the life for keeping and natural balance and human population in tact , we believe in controlled use of sex where as for them sex is commodity of unlimited use. In the western world there is no space for the need of specific place and mental health for the sexual behavior because it is just a physical happening can take place any where and with any body. In contrasts to that we Indians are still with the mind set of thinking about place, partner and mental health before undergoing the experience of sexual behavior. The western world is steeping yet more step forward in this direction with the sex without intercourse, As for them it is physical so there is no space for the involvement of emotions. These are the basic differences in the vision towards the sex. I would like to conclude this, if the just one tenth of the amount, which is being used for bringing the condom revolution as the safety precaution keeping the fear of Aids at front , was made available for the research of curing the Aids, It is quite possible that by this time we might be with the cure of this deadly disease.

Coming to sensex, the first major change reflecting from this, it is going to fill our lives with two days of week with leisure time and I don't think to say any thing after quoting the phrase " Empty minds are the workshops of devils". If we look at our economy it is at hands of unorganized and diversified sector. No individual or group of individuals is in the position of controlling the market or giving specific direction to the market. The eagle eye of market movers is concentrating on getting hold and penetration in this area under the curtains of globalization. Just think about the changes the free market will go under the control and directions of few handfuls. The supporters are arguing easy and abundant availability. Just consider, our economy is partially open for globalization, Mango the king of fruits is now available through out the year in the form of pulp to give is lingering taste of mango shack but what about the health hazards due to the synthetics used for the preservation? Many might, will oppose me, calling my thoughts primitive, but this is again due to our attitude, developed over the last 20-30 years, of looking at things and happenings with the spectacle of western world.

I am concluding this with, friends third world war is on without human blood sheds. It is being fought on the grounds of moral and culture with the weapons of sex and sensex, which are more deadly and with more destroying powers even over the nuclear weapons because these are going to kill you in installment and step by step. What more do I say this is the life and life goes like this.

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