Sunday, September 16, 2007

India Won by 3-0

India Won by 3-0

India defeated arch rival Pakistan by 3-0 when this news headline hit to people many were surprise because neither of hockey nor of football any international tournament was on going any where. It was hard to believe for the people not following cricket very seriously. [It is a tough task find such people in sub continent] 3-0 and result of cricket match at first instant gives feeling of something missing but it is reality and is possible in the new version twenty -20 of the game.

In this shortest version of the game, to make the matches more result oriented this new "Bowl out" rule is included. In the case of tie of score sharing of points were allowed in the ODI but in twenty - 20 in those rare situations of score tied this "Bowl out" , designed on the terms of "Penalty Shoot Out" of hockey or Football will appear on ground to decide the match winner. According to this rule both team will select five of their players to bowl at stamps on a vacant pitch, the team whose players hits wickets maximum time will be declared winner. On the other day was this historic thing happened. India won and Pakistan loosed because Sehwag, Harbhajan and Uthappa succeeded in uprooting the stamps while from Pakistan Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi bowled to rest in the hands of wicketkeeper only. The result was not so effective on the tournament because both India and Pakistan both were have qualified for the "Super Eight" next round of this world cup, but Pakistan fail to avoid fifth defeat and register ever first win over India in any of world cup clash.

This "Bowl out" option is putting a question mark, if we consider a final of an international tournament we will not take it as easy as we are taking it now? What will be social life of the player who fails to hit the stamps in a country like India or Pakistan where cricket is not just other game but is a passion, a life style? I am surprised, where was cricketing wisdom of sub continent? Do they approve this rule without thinking about the end result on social life? Do they were giving space for the replica of famous Negi incident of Indian hockey [As shown in the movie "Chak De India" by the character Kabir Khan]? These are the some of the questions which are demanding a suitable proper answer from the ICC.

It is said that this "Bowl out" rule is inspired and have roots in other two team games Hockey and Football where for such situation there is provision of "Penalty Shoot out". Let me allow, in the Hockey and Football both rival teams are with equal chance and it doesn't seems that injustice has been done with the game? Can we say the same with "Bowl out" rule? Certainly it is injustice with the spirit with which cricket is played. Being a teacher I am with habit of posing so many questions about a given situation but as it is attitude of teachers that they try their level best to reach to solution for the given problem because for them life goes like this. I am also concluding this writing with a solution to this "Bowl out" so the future unwanted and hated social reactions can be avoided.

The present "Bowl out" rule up to selection five bowlers is o.k. but I wish see addition to this; both rival teams will select two batsmen to face these five balls bowled one each by five different bowlers, with no field restrictions. Team which scores more runs will be declared winner by that difference of runs. This will not only keep the victory style intact but also will do justice with cricketing spirit.

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