Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss of just a fraction of second

Miss of just a fraction of second

I have seen it over hundred times and still wish and love to see it again and again. It was the climax of all those three hour filled suspense of traveling through the destiny, going under the never before experience of sinking and returning back to life heart beats, excited curiosity to reach and be the witness of final moments with the fear sufficient to raise body hair. Some may thought and wait for my announcement of the name of the movie, I am talking about. No dear it wasn't a movie, I am talking about the latest product introduced into sports shopping malls, Yes twenty-20 , the shortest version of the game for it was said in the past 22 half made people are creating a war of non existing supremacy and battling out it on 22 yards long strip. Yes it was the grand finale of twenty-20 World cup, the New wonders ground of Johannesburg was the betel ground and arch rivals India and Pakistan were fighting out for the ever first "King Title", to bring moments of "National Pride" for millions and millions of respective country men for whom cricket is passion, life or even something more than religion. The life was at phase of suspension and supposes to return back to normalcy only after a victory. "Dho…. Dho…. Doni Ke Dhurandharoon Ne Dho Dala……. Petkar Pakistan Ko, Jeetkar world cup, Khushiyoon Se Daman Bhar Dala." [Experts of Dhoni had washed Pakistan and brought never before high of happiness for the country] was the reaction of every Indian when the padel shot of M.U. Hakk rested into hands of ShreeShanth and India won the inaugural World cup by 5 runs. What a relief, this third ball of final over Jogindar Sharma and of the match brought for millions of Indians, who were still finding hard to re gathered themselves after watching ball sailing over the on the previous ball bowled.

All was not started well India in this tournament. A game of almost assured win against weaker team of Scotland washed out due to heavy rain. It was tie against arch rivals Pakistan [both scored 141 runs] and only the new rule "The Bowl out" helped India to emerge as winner and collect full two points to remain in contest for the race of entrance to super eight. On September 16th score of 190 runs pilled by kiwis proved a hard hurdle to cross as Indians were able to score only 180 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in their allotted 20 overs for being defeated by 10 runs. 19th September will be returned as the day of Yuvraj Singh in the history books of cricket as he compiled a 12 ball half century, fastest in any format of game, and hit six sixes in a single over of speedster Stuart Brad. India won this by 18 runs as England made only 200 runs for six wickets. South Africa fall pray of Indian winning run on next day, though the home team restricted Indian score to moderate 153for 5 but succeeded in scoring only 116 making the way for Kiwis to go into semi finals after Pakistan, Australia, and India.

It was repeat 2003 Final of ODI world cup in the second semifinal of twenty -20, when World Champions Australia and Young Indian team took the field positions in Durban ground on 22nd September. India took the revenge and defeated the world champions by 15 runs, bating first to score a good 188 runs and allowing opposition to score only 173 runs. It was all set for the close fight among the arch rivals on 24th in the grand finale as Pakistan won their match against Kiwis by 6 wickets.

As was expected motivating young Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni, chose to bat first after winning the toss. Debutant Yusuf Pathan escaped from a narrow run out on very first ball of the match, which affect so adversely his metal status that he scored only 15 runs [1 six 1 four] of 8 balls before getting out. Robin Uthappa, Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni only succeeded in terms of spending time on central strip only to increase the number of dark balls. The biggest disappointment was Yuvi, who scored just 14 runs from 19 overs, can you believe the same Yuvraj scored a record fastest Half century of 12 balls a couple of days ago? Thanks to efforts of Rohit Sharma [30 runs of 16 balls] in last two overs, specially the second last ball of inning, when due to mistake of Pakistani fielder ball went over the rope for six, India manage to get a bit respect full score of 157.

It was not a great start even for the Pakistan, opener Hafiz was forced by R.P. Singh to toss the ball to Uthapa who made no mistake to hold the nerves and the catch. [Pakistan 2 runs for 1 wicket] At the other Shrisanth was in a different mode he allowed batsman to score over twenty runs, He might be thinking that as cricket is day by day is turning into batsman's game and as this is twenty -20 hence batsmen are with all rights of scoring at least 20 runs in a over. Pakistan reached to half way mark with scoring at about 7 runs per over for the loss of four wickets. Things were started with taking shape of Indian victory with brilliant bowling display by Irfan Pathan [4-0-16-3] and R.P. Singh [4-0-26-3] and it looked that India is going for a easy victory. Harbhajan's third and innings 17th over proved the twister as 19 runs were scored of it and score of 15 runs from the 18th over had insured that all is not over yet. The game extended to last over with 13 needed runs for victory for Pakistan. Joginder Singh started with a wide making it 12 from six. The first legal ball of the over was dark; the next ball was shown the sky direction to sail over the boundary for six making it 6 runs required from 4 balls, an easy target in any format of cricket. When Singh started to deliver the third ball of the over, millions of heart beats of Indian fans went under temporary suspension, a slightly short pitched ball was paddled up in the direction of sky and millions of heart beats were falling down with the downwards journey of ball. What a relief, ball rest into hands of ShreeSanth and victory celebrations were on. India won the first twenty-20 world cup.

It all was loosing the attitude for not more than a fraction of second by Pakistani players. They fail to score 1 run from last two balls in the group match; they fail to score 6 runs from last 4 balls of final.

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