Thursday, September 27, 2007

Impacts of Victory

Impacts of Victory

Often we come across "Success has thousand fathers while failure is born orphan". Victory chariot journey of twenty-20 world cup winner Indian for covering the distance of about 35 km between airport and stadium at every step was the true representation of this. Since the moment of catching the sky towering ball by Shrisanth, celebrations are on, every one is coming forward to have own share of this success cake. BCCI, at the moment announce a US$ 2 millions award for team. It was strange to hear BCCI is going to give a cash award of Rs. 1, 00, 00,000/- to Yuvraj Singh for his world record 12 ball half century and six sixes in one over, how poor memory, in the victory celebration BCCI almost forget it was failure of same Yuvraj in the final was sufficient to write an Indian defeat in the score books, thanks to brilliant bowling display by R.P. Singh and Irfan Pathan and more importantly eagerness and non patience of hard hitting batsman Misbah-ul-haq , which not only prove curtain for Yuvi's failure but also the written the history pages with Indian victory in ever first Twenty -20 cup. I am neither denying the over all contribution of Yuvraj nor is against his special felicitation my objection is that performance of Irfan and Rudra in the final and tournament were matching with that Yuvi, why these two are not given the special reward? Even M S Dhoni, for his unique style of captaincy deserves to be rewarded with a special recognition.

BCCI decided to welcome and public felicitation of victorious Indian team. The team was taken to Wankhede Stadium in open bus from the airport on Wednesday but it left some questions unanswered, was it felicitation of winning team? If it was so why the players were seated in back rows? Where were the members of 1983 world cup winning Indian team? Why the past captains of Indian team were not invited for the function? Leave apart the reasons but don't the statement of BCCI official "Rajiv "beyond understanding, and tells another story? As this function was arranged in haste so BCCI was not with time of inviting all? As there was Ganeshoutsav so it was not possible to make the stage more spacious to accommodate players in the front row? Who will believe that in this era of communication and information it was not possible for BCCI to inform the past players? It was not possible for World's richest sport organization to make suitable and sufficient arrangements for the function and even if it was so who were the personalities of the moments BCCI officials or the cricketers? Any way what happened can't be taken back but it was ideal situation members of 1983 world cup winning team [only time in the past, when India won the world cup] being present at airport and welcomes the new champions, who brought the glory for Nation after 24 years .

If we try to turn the history pages, It will be overseas wins over the England and West Indies by the team lead by Ajit Wadekar laid down the foundation stone of grand celebration in the Indian cricket. Emergence of little master Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev has given a new meaning to cricket arena of India and 1983 world cup victory under the captaincy of Kapil Dev had shifted the game to middle class economy of India. The doors of this princely game were opened for masses, cricket instead of being yet another game started to take shape of passion, life style and something more important even than religion in the lives of Indians. The middle class parents of metros start not only thinking but also encouraging their children to choose sports as their carrier. A new all to gather different younger Indian generation start visible. If we look at the present winning team, it is surely an extension of this thought way, which is now started to found roots in the minds of parents even from the smaller cities like Ranchi, Rohtak, and Barodra etc. Surely this win is going to boost this thought process and provide more favorable situations for its becoming a tree in near future. The huge money available in the cricket is going to change the life style of Indians even at the village level and is bound to start a sport mentality among the Indian youth.

It is unfortunate that in India, often cricket and sports are used as single term. This not only ceases the development of other sports but also creates an emotion of inequality and feeling of being neglected in the minds of youth related with other games and sports. India is full of talent and dedication and this win of Twenty-20 World cup by young Indian team, with many players from the smaller cities, is making it easy for the corporate houses and sports authorities to explore and make India a powerful sporting Nation. It will be really interesting to see how the corporate houses and sports authorities are facing this new challenge in such favorable conditions.

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