Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greeting Cards: Expression of Emotions

Every living has a natural tendency for the expressing self though it is true that human are most expressive of all because among the livings only human is enriched with variety of ways to express self where as others have very limited style of expression. In India even the rivers are considered among the livings that's why there is tradition of worshiping of rivers. Floods are the anger expression of river, where as helpless emotion is expressed by no water or very less water. Springs are expressive of the reproductive season of plants.

It was urging of expression that has forced human to add vocabulary to life, Invention of languages and printing technologies are to assist only this human tendency and latest addition to this are the e-mails and scraps. It is not the search of friends but the easy availability of space to express self is attracting youth to the portals like orkut and is going to make the orkut owner world's richest person by the year 2009. The increasing number of such portals is none else but is attempts of being benefited from this expressive tendency of human. Human beings are expressive but with that they also wish to adopt a unique style, different from others and very specific of them. This is the most probable reason for the existence of Greeting cards even in this modern electronic era. Diwali is celebrated just few days back and the festive season is on hence it is common to see a group of teens in shopping moll or gift centre, engaged in choosing a proper gift card for their love one. In fact they are searching the word group or the phrase to match with their expression style and wish to remain unique too. Read the following few line just for humor a young lady went to a store card and spend almost whole day in search of one proper card at lost a card match with her expression style and owner was at respire of relief but this was temporary as the next question from the lady was surprising as she wants a hundred of the same card, any way shopkeeper booked the order and promise the delivery within two days. You will say where is humor in this? The lady might be executive of some company and choosing a card for sending to clients. Dear humor was in words “You are the first person whom I am sending this card with virgin love emotions of my heart" that were printed on the card.

Here the question which is irritating my mind and forcing to write is not what word group, message or phrases are printed on these cards but is that why a particular one is selected by some one while others rejects the same? People engaged in this message business are used to say, the story behind their success is very simple a few words "We know to cope with the changing demands" but dear friends this might look you strange to read that whatever world group, message or phrase we are choosing for the sending to some one are the expressive of our hidden desire of receiving from some one. When a lover is sending card with the message

Sky is clear, Climate is fine
Promise, Forever you are only mine.

In fact this message is not for the opting a promise from some one but is expressive of our desire that in this world there must be at least one person, for whom we hold such great value that he/she ask us to remain with for ever. So dear friends in future whenever you receive a message or e-mail make it habit to reply and if you are using electronic media than instead of compose click on reply, so the person can see back on the message send by him/her, this is the way by which life goes on.

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Emmie said...

Hey...great post. Really expression is such an important thing and even the most neglected one in todays relationships. I believe that if we can express our feelings and emotions to the person we love then we can have an even better bonding and a healthy relationship.

Thanks for the post.

Emmie from Love Greeting Cards

Anonymous said...

Very well written is true that its human nature to express gratitude and feelings to their fellow human being.Its just human nature and humas will keep finding different and ever better ways to do so.
I have one greeting website incase you might want to look into it.