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Blue Moon : A Natural Phenomenon

Blue Moon

It will happen once in blue moon Navjotsingh Sidhu not laughed at a thousand times listened joke [Reference: Laughter Challenge, one of the most famous hilarious T V show] . Once Pankaj the director of show, asked one of the candidates giving audition, “Dear, I am not able to see any laugh in your presentation.” Candidate replied “What is this sir that is siddhu’s job he will find that will make people laugh at appropriate place.” We are here not for a discussion this rare happening of literature blue moon but for the natural phenomenon that happen once in several years and this year is happening in the early hours of night of the 30th June and on basis of which this phrase “once in blue moon” came in existence.

Time period taken by the earth for completing one rotation arround the sun is called year and a year is divided in to twelve months. We are calculating month in two ways
Solar Month: one twelve part of a year this means 30 days, 10 hour, 29 minutes and 3.8 seconds.
Where as according to Indian colander, A solar month is defined as the interval required for the Sun's apparent longitude to increase by 30o, corresponding to the passage of the Sun through a zodiacal sign (rasi).
Lunar months are measures from one New Moon to the next.
1 lunar month = 29.53059 days

As lunar months are shorter than solar months hence it happens that over a specific time there will be a solar month with two full moon days and this phenomenon is called blue moon. A solar month is almost equal to 30.5 days and lunar month is equal to 29.5 days this difference suggest occurrence of blue moon once after every two and half year or about 41 times in a century. An interesting fact is that this blue moon is not for the Americans, as previous full moon day there was on the evening of 31st May and not on the 1st June.

Blue Moon and Human life

It is quite possible that when we talk of rare natural phenomenon, we also talks about effects of this phenomenon on the human life, as for as Blue moon is concerned it is sure to affects the life of coastal living human beings because moon also causes tides. As in modern times our life is become slave of technology and our relation to night sky is almost broken due to 24 hours on going electricity, beside that this is a coincident between the natural phenomenon of moon phases and human made calendar hence we can say human life remains unaffected from the blue moon. An interesting thing according to Islamic calendar there is nothing that can be called the blue moon, as each month of Islamic calendar starts with new crescent moon it means Full moon day will fall in the mid of the month and remove the chance of occurrence of two full moon days in a month.

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