Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Burden of Life

Life is not the express high way without any speed breaker and obstacles. Life is all about our capacity and ability of coping with the experiments of time with the human beings; all those who fail to standards set by the time are counted among the failures while the remaining few are crowned with the success. A common word that is being added to the modern human life even in the life of children is the burden and our socio economic atmosphere is adding to feel this burden very distinctly. Kids are feeling studies are burden, employee are feeling work is a burden and employers are with the burden of handling the employees. Women are not for behind as usual they are at an equal pressure of feeling the burden of house hold works. I will not be surprised if some bloggers complains about the burden of posting some blog posts daily. Why is this happening? Why our common works are turning a burden? This is because of
1. We forget the art of enjoying.
2. We are not familiar with the art of doing the jobs in the steps.
Being a science teacher I know the importance of step by step, this the key of reaching to solution of the given problem.
I recall a very short story once God has to shift his abode so he asked elephant to carry the loads that were the property but elephant refused because the load was too heavy and there was a considerable distance between the two places. God called all the livings one by one but every one refused because they thought that this load might prove a burden for them. Finally birds were summoned and they agreed to carry the load to the desired place but with the condition that the whole load must be divided into small pieces. A small piece of load was tied with the each leg of all the birds and they started to fly. All the livings watching this were surprised when they heard birds were singing. The singing was on and loads were transferred to desired place.
This is what we supposed to do with our burdens of life, we have to make it smaller, we have to give it wings to make it lighter and most importantly we have to learn the art of enjoying our work/ duty so we never feel it is a burden.

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