Monday, July 23, 2007

Guru Harkrishan


[Accotding to Nanakshahi Calendar Today is the Birthday of Guru Sahib Ji]

Guru Harkrishan was born on July 7, 1656 to Guru Har Rai and Krishan Kaur. Before his death in October 1661 Guru Har Rai had appointed his younger son Harkrishan as the next Guru as opposed to his elder son Ram Rai who was in collusion with the mughals. Guru Harkrishan was only five years old when he received the guruship.

Emperor Aurangzib was not pleased to hear about the growing fame of Guru Har Krishan.The Sikhs was very apprehensive about allowing young Guru Harkrishan to go to Delhi. Aurengzeb sent Raja Jai Singh a high court official known for his devotion to the Gurus to escort the Guru to Delhi. Raja Jai Singh assured the Guru that he would not have to meet the emperor personally while in Delhi, and that there were a large number of devotees in Delhi who were anxious to see and hear their Guru. Guru Harkrishan convinced the Sikhs at Kiratpur that he should go to Delhi. As a result Guru Harkrishan along with his mother and a group of devotees set out for the long journey to Delhi. On their journey the Guru was met by large crowds of devotees. At Panjolhara an jealous Brahmin taunted the Guru, “Your Guru is called Hari Krishna, a mere child of eight years! Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu, uttered the Gita which is the repository of all the eternal truths, If your Guru also calls himself Krishna, let him expound the truths of Gita to us”. Hearing this poor watercarrier called Chhajju stood up and proclaimed that anyone could expound on the Gita if he were so blessed by the Guru. Guru Harkrishan touched Chhajju with his walking stick and Chhajju immediately began explaining the philosophy of the Gita. The Brahmin was so humbled by the spectacle that he fell to the Gurus feet and asked forgiveness for his arrogance.

In Delhi, Guru Har Krishan put up in Raja Jai Singh's bungalow which is now famous as Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. The house was a spacious one "designed to suit all the seasons of the year." According to the Guru kian Sakhian, Guru Har Krishan visited the emperor's court on Chet Sudi Naumi, 1721 Bk/March 25, 1664. As says the Mahima Prakash, the emperor had planned a trial. He had two large trays laid out for the Guru. One of these displayed ornaments, clothes and toys. The other had in it a holy man's cloak and cowl. Both were presented to Guru Har Krishan. He rejected the tray containing ornaments and clothes, and accepted the one containing the cloak. The emperor was convinced of his holiness. He thought he would invite him again and see him perform a miracle.

Guru Har Krishan passed away on March 30, 1664. Guru Har Krishan, as says the Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, instructed to devotees in this manner: "Gurgaddi, Guru Nanak's throne, is eternal. It is everlasting and will command increasing honour. The Granth is the Lord of all. He, who wants to see me, let him with faith and love see the Granth. So will he shed all his sins. He who would wish to speak with the Guru, let him read the Granth with devotion. He who practises its teachings will obtain all the four padarathas, or cherished objects of human life. He who has faith gains all. He, who is, without faith acquires but little. None in this world liveth forever. The body is mortal. In the Granth abides the Guru' s spirit. Daily bow your head to it. So will you conquer your passions and attain liberation."

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