Sunday, July 08, 2007

Silver Screen : Bollywood : Humour

Sunday FunDay: Silver Screen Humour

Almost each and every Indian youth is living with the dreaming about the Mumbai. Just think of city, with the largest slam of Asia, A city with Chor Bazar, A city that never sleeps and most important a city where you found life speeding at every minute. Does the Indian youth gone mad for dreaming all about this? No friends, surely not, there is yet another face of Mumbai, that makes it land of Magic, Land of realizing dreams, an already built foundation for constructing your success building, Yes Friends Mumbai is native home of Hindi Films.
Hindi films have played a significant role in the social life of India since from very begining in 1931, but as this is our Sunday: FunDay, so we will limit our self with just one aspect comedy. As I can recall all was started with "Chalati Ka Nam Gadi" a film in which all the three famous bengali brothers, Ashok kumar, Anupkumar and Kishorekumar acted,tunes of "Ek Ladaki Bhigi bhagi Si" and "Panch rupaiya barah Aana" are still alive in many minds. Comedy of kishore was at its best, though he later acted in other comedy films like the "Padosan" with Sunil Datta and Sayara banu, along with other comic legend of hindi films Mahmood. In fact Johny walker [ Kazi Badruddin] was the first person who got success as the comedian in Indian cinema, it was the height of his acting as a drunked person that people forget his original name and started calling him with famous whisky brand Johny walkar. His memory craved comic actions in the songs like " Jane Kanhan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji" and " Sar Jo Tera Chakaraye " forced script writers for a special role for him.
In the 60's Mahmood become the undisputed King of comedy of the silver screen, he has defined comedy in his own imitable style, "Hum Kale hai to kiya hua Dilwale" and "Mahbooba Mahbooba Jalade Mera Chulha" are the some of the famous songs with his comic acting. it is tragedy of the life that even the serious efforts of comic charatcers are seen with humour, this is what happen with Mahmood when he tried to awake people about deadly Polio by his Film "Kunwara Baap". With the emergence of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachan comedy become side lined in the Hindi films, though in the interim Gol Maal, [Amol Palekar and Utpal Datta], was realised and Jagdip and Asrani have played some memorable roles, who forget the dialouges like " Miyan Hamara Nam Surama Bhopali...." or " Hum Angrajoon ke Jamane ke Jailor Hain "...... from Sholay, Even the Amitabh has also featured in the all time comedy hit Film "Chupke Chupke".
Any writing on silver screen humour will be treated incomplete if Bhawan Dada's name is not there, he was the person who had given a new meaning to bollywood comedy people still copy him and still marriage dances are based on the dancing steps shown by him in the "Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote......".
Present trand of comedy in hindi film was started with Govinda, though he acted in many comic films like "Dulhe Raja", "Raja Babu", "Aunty No. 1", "Coole No.1" and most recent" Bhagam Bhag" but he failed to get the recogination and comic status that has been achived by the Paresh Raval, Akashay kumar and Sunil Shetty from the "Hera Pheri". Thanks God Vasu Bhagnani has not reached the status of Mahmood as people got his message From "Lage Raho...." presented under the cover of comedy. In fact " Lage Raho...." is the first comic siqual of Indian silver screen, this and "Munna bhai..." has provided space for emergence of Sanjay Datta and Arshad Warasi as new comedy kings of bollywood. let us pray to God to extend this honeymoon of comedy and hindi films for a prolonged period so our stressful tensionable day to day life may have the showers of laughter from time to time.

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