Thursday, July 12, 2007

Forest of Relations

Forest of Relations

Human is still native of forest though we are having cement concrete constructed cities and houses, even still we are in the forest, it might make difference that this forest is not with variety of plants and animals just a single species is there and that is human. Psychologist say that human is social animal and can’t leave alone might be the reason forcing human to form various communities, societies, races and casts. Interestingly in all these forms of mutual living the connecting thread is “relations” , at every walk of life human goes under the influences and creates relations.

With the birth human gets relations like race, cast, nation and so on and growing age adds “Friends” a new relation, a more few year of time brings a new relation series in human life, this series called “in-law “ series, yet another mother enters in to human life as the “Mother-in-law”. In fact this relation asked and inspired me for this writing. I don’t know what real situations are in the Europe or in America about this an important relation of human life but in India this relation is the relation of respect and fear. Famous T V serial “Kiyoon Ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi” is expressing sweets and sours of this relation since past few years. A very famous joke about the fears of this relation goes like this.

A death procession was going on the strange thing about was that all the men following the dead body were moving in proper lines like the military march, The orchestra was at the beginning and between the band and dead body was moving a garlanded dog. A villager visiting city was surprised to see all this so he asked the last man in the line about this and in reply moved to next in the line, subsequently he reached to man moving with dog, who replied “ This is dead body of my “Mother in law” she died due to biting of this dog”. “Will you please give me this dog for just one day?” was the next question of the villager for which he was suggested to go behind and wait in the line for his turn.

I don’t think I need to write more about this dangerous relation of human life, just read the following
When you rearrange the letters:

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