Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jo Mange Thakur Aapane Te Soi Soi Devae

Jo Mange Thakur Aapane Te Soi Soi Devae

Gurbani says that God will give you what you ask for. Now the question that made me unstable was, what should I ask for granting? Mind and heart from floating from one to another and the confusion was going to become deeper and deeper because when I thought of wealth I remember the world concurring King was left the world empty handed, than I thought of fame but again found that time is against it because I realise that with time fame will fade out. Finally I thought to go back to Gurbani and try to find out what should I ask for?

My search ends with
Ek Naam Guru Koulun Mangle Sare Sukh Mil Jayange

Ask God for giving power of remembering him at every walk of life and you will be blessed with all the comforts, pleasure and happiness. Now I was satisfied and ready to meet with Waheguru so that I can put forward my asking before him, but before that eagerly awaited meeting, I went under the influence of another though physical comforts and desires are endless, fulfillment of one comfort/desire is intended to give birth to another comfort requirement/desire. Pleasure and happiness are states of the body and mind, when our body and mind are fluctuating with every moment of our existence on the earth how can be their one state will be constant and stable? This time before the confusion attacks me I turned to Gurbani to find out

Jis Hirdaya Vasiya So Sant Hua,
Mere Hirdaya Phera Pavo Guru,
[Oh! Lord, those become saints, in the inner of whose you are dwelling, so I request you to come and visit my inner one]

We are part of that unborn soul and prime object of our existence on the earth is to make efforts for the fusion with that one prime unborn soul. so friends now I am waiting for the Waheguru, with my asking for granting, If he meets you do convey him about my waiting, meanwhile I will also keep continue my prayer

Tudh Aage Ardas Humari, Jiu Pind Sabh Tera
Kah Nanak Sabh Teri Vadiyae Koi Navan Na Jane Mera.

[Oh! God, I pray you because whatever physical or mental I am, even my soul, all is yours. It is all your fame, how any body can know my name]

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