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Spiritual World : Divine Hands

Divine Hands

Santa Ke Karj Aap Khaloiya
Har Kam Karavan Aaya Ram

These are the few lines from the living light Dhan Sri Gruru Granth Sahib Ji, which literally means
The one mighty universally accepted God is so merciful that for the work of devotee / saint he comes forward and perform every work on his own. God never leaves us alone in difficult times and always leads us to the destination of success, just we have to believe in him and leave ourselves at his will.

I recall a story narrated to us by our father Late Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani during our childhood.

There was a school teacher with a great unmatched faith in Gurbani. One day he was on his way to school when he saw some saints reciting Gurbani, as he was with time of about half an hour so he sit down to listen. Gurbani reciting of saints was so involving that teacher forgets about the time and school. When they finish Gurbani recitation it was almost closing time of the school. This has filled the heart of teacher with a kind of worry and fear, with heavy feet he covered the distance of place and school.

On reaching school teacher found that there was no body even the students were went back to their homes, any way he collected all his courage and entered into Principal’s office with a heart filled with fear, where all the teachers were seating. His fear got elevator when he listened “Where are you? We are searching for you? Even a peon is also sent to your house.” from the principal. “Sir, I was....” but his explanation was interrupted by principal “No, No! It is all right, you had brought the moment of pride for the school. You know our school was last on the list of inspection and authorities are pleased with your work such that they decided to award you the Best Teacher of the year. We all were waiting to narrate this good news and congratulate you.”

Just imagine the status of that surprised teacher, who was knowing that he was absent from the school.
Santa Ke Karj Aap Khaloiya
Har Kam Karavan Aaya Ram

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P.K.LAMBA said...

Quite motivating.

har jug jug bhagath oupaaeiaa paij rakhadhaa aaeiaa raam raajae