Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Electronic Fog

Electronic Fog
[Killer Fog]

Did you remember the recent bollywood film “Raj” or oldy “Woh Kaun thi” in both the films for hiding the spirit fog is used, this is the most common practice of movie makers to use the fog for suspense creation. We all are well familiar with this gaseous stage of water molecules with some other air pollutants forming an invisible wall and causing many road accidents especially in the winters. Sometimes this fog get mixed with some deadly elements like the black coal smokes or gases like sulphur dioxides which reacting with water vapors can form Sulphuric acid, such types of killer fogs observed at various places of the world like London [1952], Culham [1989] and Lagos, Nigeria [2005].

Since the decade’s mystery of Bermuda Triangle is challenging to quest of human beings though it is still behind the curtains, No body knows proper and suitable explanation for the elopement of ships and plans from this area from time to time. The probable answer to this is the electronic fog; a term given to malfunctioning of electronic and magnetic appliances above the earth surface by Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon in their book The Fog. According to reports Grenon with his father was flying over the Bahamas in his Bonanza A36 [as they were doing since 1967, and were used with flying conditions of Florida and Bahamas] went under a strength and deadly phenomenon on December 4, 1970. It was just over the 3 pm when they got the take-off order at the Andros town air port and soon were in the sky over the Bahamas, They saw a typical lenticular cloud over the ocean but strangely it was as low as 500 feet above the sea water, they were climbing at 1,000 feet per minute, soon they found [at 11,500 feet] when A 36 was speeding at maximum 195 miles per hour. It was breath holding for them that typical lenticular cloud has converted into abnormal shape forming a semicircle around them, the strange thing was that there were no lighting thunders only extraordinary bright white flash was illuminating surrounding area. Visibility was reduced to 4-5 miles from the 10 miles. This was happening with them after 27 minutes of flight near the Bimini Island. Soon they entered into narrow cloud tunnel [diameter about 200 feet] at the cautioning speed of 230 miles per hour. All the electronic and magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning. The compass was slowly spinning even as the airplane flew straight. There was no lighting or rain but visibility went down to about 2 miles and instead of blue sky, a dull, grayish white haze was on vision, preventing them from seeing ocean, the horizon or the sky, all this went for about three minutes. When they came out of breaking fog, they found themselves flying over Miami beach and watching clear blue sky all this forced them to land at Palm beach. Clock was ticking at 3:48 pm it means they have covered distance of about 250 miles in just 47 minutes instead of normal time of 75 minutes. They looked again and again to watches, might the time was wrapped during that gravitational force less situation within the cloud tunnel as during those three minutes they have traveled about 100 miles distance.

This time wrap might be the reason behind the vanishing of ships and planes in the area.

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