Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How long to ignore

How long to ignore

Every platform of the world is being used by the speakers for alarming about the day by day lowering of the values in the human life, the situation is speeding from bad to worst. Our every media of mass communication is highlighted with news of rape, corruption, robbery and other crimes. Why our youth is finding it interesting to kill some one just for the sake of fun? Why there are no morals of conducts in the society? Is our vision of individuality responsible for that? Are we unable to justify our freedom of thoughts and social behavior? These were the few questions among the reasons that tempted me to go for this writing and search my inner self for the answers.

When I searched my heart and mind I found that since centuries it is the tradition that children are getting knowledge and wealth of their parents as heredity rights. In fact parents are encircled with the affection and greed of transferring their knowledge and physical wealth only to their children and during this process often forget that according to Hindu vision of life knowledge and monetary wealth [Laksmi] never remains with undeserving hands, though a scientific base can be provided for this human tendency but it is fact that this is not essential rule of ideal human behavior because in that case a foolish son will become owner of wisdom of the father. Wisdom and knowledge will become property of foolish person that will generate proud within them and they will start working for the lowering the morals of social behavior.

This is happening not only in India but almost in all parts of the world as a natural phenomenon. This affection and greed of the parents, that is working as the root cause of lowering the values and unmoral social behavior is the natural weakness of human beings is an on going natural reaction hence the treatment or the remedial process should also be on going. We are eating at regular interval daily to come over the weakness resulted from our day to day work but since the centuries we are ignoring the remedial process for this affection and greed. The best remedy for this is education and unfortunately our present education institutions are turned in to training centers, from where children are getting trained in the skills of earning instead of gaining the knowledge and wisdom. As long as this ignorance is in existence it is almost impossible for thinking about value respecting and well moral human society.

Dhan Sri Guru Nanak dev Sahib ji tried to establish a tradition by handing over their spiritual powers to Bhai Lahana [Second Sikh Guru, Guru Angad Dev Sahib] instead of own sons Baba Srichand and Baba lakhmichand [who were also spiritually developed]. In this era of economics and monetary powers it is almost hard to implement but surely it is within our reach to stop the ignorance of centuries with honest efforts of making our educational institutions the true place for gaining knowledge and sharpening the wisdom.

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