Friday, June 29, 2007

We are changing

Change is the name of time and as time is flowing without waiting for any thing to be happen or any body’s arrival or departure hence change is become constant but essential part of the life. With the time we are bound to observe and follow the change in our life style, our living standards and even in our thought process, but in this changing world few things are constant and unchanged, sunrise has not been affected by these changes the poor sun still prefer to rise in the east. Truth, honesty, politeness, sympathy, helping others were the basic qualities of being human and are still unchanged a lot. Still when we say marriage it means union of two individuals of opposite sex, though in the some countries a very few examples are set against it but in the wider sense meaning is unchanged, still we are with the firm mind of taking care of our children till they grow up.

Our social attitude went under the change in very huge way, our clothing is also on the same path, our meaning of education has also been altered and the most importantly our vision of humanity has been changed. Society, community, cities and ultimately Nations are developed from the basic unit called family. The effect of time on this basic unit are very much significant for the change in our social attitude, it was remote time when families were huge in population, parents, brothers and their children all were the part of the family. The family started to shrink in its membership strength and we are reaching to the attitude that not only grown up children but also the parents are on the way of developing thought that both are having different families. We are speeding on the way of making our helps a reciprocal action and found ourselves under the influence of this thought process whenever we help others.

Cloths which were designed to protect the human body from the adverse climatic situations are showing a drastic change. I read some where “ In the winter men wear more cloth to keep them warm and ladies wear less for same purpose” it seems that in our recent life only the winter season is left, might the changing time have changed all other seasons into winter.

Education that has made human most civilized and cultured among the all livings on the earth is also under the effects of changing time. Our vision to education is changing, education is no more gaining of knowledge, addition to wisdom and sharpening the creativity, it has changed to the vision of an ability to earn livelihood. We are on the way of becoming habituated of listening “You can’t understand this old man! Time is changing and for success we have to cope with this changing time.”

So for the time being it is good by from me and hope to meet all of you again when we both might have went under the changes generated by time after all we are changing.

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