Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hot Spot : Big B V/s The Boss

This is yet another series which is going to get start from today at my blog, in this series I am going to share with you my views about the news from Indian Print and Electronic media, off course the new that get my attraction and inspire and motivate me for writing about it. I don't claim that I am a multi faced writer who can write with equal authority and with magical words on each and every topic on which they are asked to write. In fact these series are the lessons for the people like to grab the art of writing in accordance of the likings of the mosses.
The first news that stimulate my writing is relate with one of the largest Indian industry and one that is known also as the magical dream world. Every Indian youth is dreaming about it without knowing the ways of entrance for it. Yes I am talking about the Film Industry. This Friday, the day of new release, was unique in the sense, two big shot featuring movies were released simultaneously, Undoubted number 1 to 10 of bollywood Big B "Amitabh Bachan" and God of Tollywood Rajanikant , with the titles "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom" and "Sivaji - The boss".
Jhoom .... is a multi starer movie from the most trusted and established banner "Yashraj" with the prime attraction of gate up of Amitabh, where as Sivaji ..... is a film directed by Shankar [fame of being steel burg of south India] with music composed by great master A.R. Raheman. Rajanikant is featuring in a movie after a break of almost two years hence the curiosity of his fans is on high tides aiming to reach the space beyond the sky, beside that reports says that sivaji... is the most expensive film of Indian history with a budget of about 500millions US$. Yasraj, name itself guarantee the success at the box office and if we add to that Big B who is proving old wine, as with the increasing age, he is creating new mile stones of success with his unmatched ability of giving a live shapes to the characters he plays in the movies.
This is unique in yet another way that this is the first time that a film from tollywood is released throughout India with more than 1000 prints. Let us hope both the great actors will live to their standards and Indian will have the enjoyment of tasting the north Indian recipes and south Indian dishes at the same dinner plate.

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