Sunday, June 24, 2007

Palm: An Evergreen Plant

Palm: An Evergreen Plant

The living style of human is changing and the growth of population is forcing human to accommodate plants in the bed rooms, by the side of staircase, on the steps of stairs, in the backyard; the latest trend which is showing an increasing attraction among the urban areas is the terrace garden. It is not the big corporate offices that are only decorated and looks lively with the greenery by the presences of plants but this trend is seems to be expanding even to small business houses. The need of going closer to nature is being observed, extracting ever most attention in general.

One plant that is universally present in almost all part of world, at gardens, offices and homes, irrespective of the geographical location and atmospheric conditions; and making the place beautiful green with look of nature, is the Palm. The reasons for opting Palms includes

*** There are over 3,000 spices of Palms are available to choose from

*** The beautiful shape and ever green nature also make this plant the first choice

*** The growth rate of Palm is bit slow hence not for the months but even for the years same plant can be kept in use.

*** Long living life of the plant is yet another point of choice.

*** Palms can remain green for a considerable time without watering and even without sufficient sun light.

Some of common spices that are used in the Indian homes and offices are
China Palm
Erica Palm
Ladies Palm
Fonex Palm is the one that is usually found on express highways because this plant needs comparatively very large pots. This plant can also be seen in the gardens directly roped into earth. Indian rainy season is on go to a nursery near to you and bring a Palm, A few Palms are sufficient to safe guard the greenery of your garden.

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