Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Foot Prints of God

It was a normal day of the life, when in the fading lights of sun set I looked at the sands of my life sea shore and become satisfied after founding two pairs of foot prints going as usual [either horizontal or vertical] on the same line. The life was on the run, day were turning into months and months were on the way of making years, seasons were following one another, all of sudden I found that at a few patches of time there is just one foot print instead of usual two, so I summoned the God and enquired about it.

“Have you ever thought about the patches of the times when you are seeing alone foot prints?” God asked me.

“Yes”; I replied “Those are the times when my life goes under suffering and pains.”

“Did you ever paid attention towards the depth of foot prints?” was the God’s next question.

“Yes sir, I can say that when ever they are in the pair the foot prints are with less depth and light impressions, but when it comes to painful and suffering time of my life, the weight of worries makes my feet heavy and foot prints become alone with more depth and with a clear impression.” I replied.

“No son”, God told me; “here you are making a mistake, I had never left you alone. When the times of suffering and pains came, I am there to carry you, that’s why during those times you see the foot prints alone with more depth and more clear impressions”

So if God in not visible in our life, his foot prints are missing from the sand of our life sea shore, even then he is present with us, we just need to develop the sense for identifying his presence.

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