Monday, June 18, 2007

Real Happiness : Day's Thought

Real Happiness is Helping Others
" A friend in the need is a friend indeed" this what on which we are used to rate and classify, the human cluster around we, categorised as our friends. While reading this phrase a question arose in my mind, why the friends are needed ? In fact our life is not a smooth journey we are bound to face ups and downs, twists and turns in our life. There are many situations in our life, when they struck with our life, surely create an adverse effect on us and in those adverse situation, we feel the need of some one who can support us morally, physically and emotionally for getting rid off those situations, this support in its true sense is the help and this underlines the importance of friends in the human life. You might feel that we are going away from our topic but it is not , as we are bound to look at friends or some one else, when storm of adverse situations encircles our life within its affected range, with a hope filled eyes. The hope of eyes can be converted and expressed into just a single word Help.
Human are the social animals, living in a society and depending on each other for financial, moral, physical and emotional support. While facing a problem, when we get the needed support, we undergoes a kind of relief feeling and if you ever had tried to look at the person responsible for our this relief, you always will find the sparkling face. This shine and sparks that you can found on the face is nothing but an emotion of satisfaction created from the realisation of utility of self.
So helping others is the realisation of self utility, did you don't want to prove your utility ? Remember this will bring for you satisfaction and satisfaction is bound to generate only and only happiness. Success roads are only for the satisfied and happy people hence for being a traveler of these roads we have to adopt and implement "real happiness is helping others" in our day to day life. In the 90's when I joined rotary, the first annual slogan with which I meet was the same "Real Happiness is Helping Others" , rotary can claim that because their humanitarian helps to people of deprived world are well known and by sharing this thought with all of you I am also realising that truly "real happiness is helping others."

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