Monday, June 04, 2007


A few days back I read a comment on one of my blog post "Tell me about your inspiration" and since the day I was in real wonder , searching myself with my inner self and trying to find a few words that can work as answer for my question. Does we need inspiration ? Are we able to perform our work in the absence of inspiration?
Let us start it systematic and in a definite order with "What is inspiration?" all the chemistry students are well versed that for a reaction or for the production of something new we need reactants which can participate in reaction, and substituting their existing properties with altogether new one, produce a product which is different from the reactants. There are some reaction which needs presence of something called catalyst [which doesn't involve in the reaction] for the vigorous rate of reaction or some times even to start the reaction. In the human life this stimulant is an inspiration.
Unlike the chemical reactions human creations doesn't need reactants to be collected at a place because they are already present at the place of reaction in the nervous system and brain of the human and these are the knowledge and experience. Human creations are also unique from the chemical reactions in the sense that from these only two reactants a variety of creations can be resulted. Uniqueness and unpredictability of human mind, which varies from person to person, underlines the importance of inspiration in the human life and makes it hard to guess what will work as inspiration?
A few words of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans has inspired and changed the life of Narendra by making him Swami Vivekanand, who had given the most inspiring words "My brothers and sisters" to the wold. Who knows what word, action, situation can work as inspiration, the unforgettable thing is that inspiration is just a stimulant not a reactant so even its presence can't make you creative, you need to have the knowledge for feeling presence of it , you need the experience of utilising it.
We are here on the earth because Adam was inspired by Eves suggestion of tasting the restricted fruit. You are reading all this as your knowledge is inspired for expansion and I am writing all this because you inspired me to write. So Friends keep increasing your knowledge and experience and wait for the inspiration to make yourself a creative, the true follower of inspiration.


Edward Wolf said...

Well said!

Honey Bee said...

Dear sir.. your post on inspiration is making one to look into himself. I took to books and reading only after i started reading Swami Vivekananda books.

samba said...

Dear Sir,
Your blog is crisp and inspiring. It shows the depth of ideas you possess. Wish you Success.

multisubj yb said...

Reason, History and truth can be better guides than Vivekanandas.