Monday, May 28, 2007

Indian Wisdom & Plants

"India ! bull shit, what a country, people there worship plants as their God."
This might be the reaction of an European when asked about India.
"To Save the earth, grow plants,save them from cutting, increase greenery of earth."
This is what modern science is massaging to earth citizens.
Just reading these two statements what I can conclude is that, what the modern science is discovering after a hectic schedule of experiments, that was known to Hindu Masters centuries and centuries ago and there wisdom lies in the fact that they were aware with the facts of general low rate of education, people were God fearing, having a rich faith in prayers and worship, hence for the getting benefits of plants, they have started worshiping plants. When we will have a look on the followings, wisdom of Hindu Masters will leave us in spellbound situations.
The tradition of having "Tulsi" plant in every Hindu homes goes back to Ramayana and Mahabharat era. It is a part of daily life to watering this plant. Modern science says that this plant is with natural abilities of killing anopheles mosquitoes, which are causing a disease called "Malaria."
There is tradition of going for 108 rounds of "Banyan" and "Pepal" tree, these are the plants, which due to there heavy structure are producing more oxygen and while going for 108 rounds so spent time there and ladies those who work in kitchen in the atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide gets health benefit from the huge availablity of oxygen under these trees. It is said that "Bargad" tree is native home of evil spirits and bad souls and one should not spent time under these trees at night. Have you ever thoughts what these evil spirits are, these are , due to there huge status these plants needs more water and for this their roots get stronger and more expanded shapes, this might prove a danger for near by houses, hence Hindu masters have started tradition of having these plants away from the residential areas. Science have proved that in the absence of sunlight plants also give off carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, which they do in the presence of sunlight due to photosynthesis. The dense status of these plants works as to create an atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide, knowing this and religious nature and low levels of education Hindu Masters started the tradition of relating these plants with evil spirit.
Friends next time when you hear about any new invention do think about this might be the old wine repacked in new bottle.

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