Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogging : A New Vision

What is blogging
Human beings are with desire of sharing, this desire has forced them to formulate language, even World's oldest knowledge books Veda are also written under the influence of this desire only, as human beings are also with a tendency of listing appreciation for self . In the olden golden days people were used to share their knowledge in the form of books, but with the inclusion of technology in the day to day life, modern human beings were forced to face sever problem of shortage of time, which slowly and gradually resulted in the lack of book readers. As correctly said that " Necessity is the mother of Invention" and very interestingly the technology that created the problem, came forward to solve it with the concept of blogging. Blogging is nothing but is the replacement of books.
What are the Blogs
Blog is the piece of information that works as interacting bridge between writer and reader, this what can be said about definition of the blog in nut shell, but in fact blogs are not meagerly piece of information, in fact blog is window of reader to look in the thought process of the writer and this is the basis which works as the foundation stone of the interaction building of the writer and reader. A blog may be your reaction to your day to day life, it may also be the your views about a current affair, You can express your thoughts about the historical facts in the blog format, You can also put your theories and hypothesis in the form of blog, or even you can write a blog on your personal, social, national and international problems.
Qualities of A Good Blog
There are many ways, which can help you to insure quality blogging, with the experience of writing and increased interaction with readers blogger learn to choose appropriate topics for the blog, not only this but this also prove a great help in choosing proper words and language. In fact if we consider blog a food stuff, we can make it delicious, easily digestible and good for health just by altering a little proportion of ingredients and changing a bit of preparation and presentation. Essential ingredients of a blog are :
A Good mass appealing topic
Easy Language
Creating a communication bridge
Utility of information in general
You can make your blog more effective with inclusion of an image, after all human beings have shown higher remembrance ratio for what they saw over what they read. Your Style of presentation of facts, choosing of words and language are the other area which requires your higher attention and priority.

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