Sunday, May 20, 2007

India : New Power in Online Business

India is emerging as online country

The most prominent characteristics of the time is change and time is changing for the Indians also, we are on the path of making growth in the directions where not only our life style [which is surely intended to be changed] but also many set norms of our personal and social life will go underway of redefining and reconstructing. It is just a little over the decade that for Indians cell phones, digital cameras, high quality consumer electronic goods and computers were the luxury goods but with the vigorous technological growth we are reaching to the stage where these goods are on the way of inclusion in the category of essential house hold goods. I will not be surprised, if you say that some of these goods are already in the list of essential house hold goods. I can recall that we were paying somewhere about Rs. 15/- for every minute of conversation when I brought my first cellphone, we where hesitating go on line because for every hour that we spent on net was costing Rs.50/- . In fact it is the Internet that is going to make a major difference. Internet has not only affected our life style during the last decade but also has changed the traditional way of communication beside making us emerging and new commercial giant. Just have a look on following statics
*** Annual e-commerce of India has crossed the mark of Rs. 3,000 carors.

*** About 1 carore 50 lakhs of people are using the online banking facility .

*** Every minute about 35 people are doing online shopping .

*** Market of online computer games is sized at Rs. 2 carores monthly.

*** It is estimated that by 2015 e-commerce of India will cross the annual mark of Rs. 20,000/- carores [ higher than the traditional commerce]

*** About 30% of sale of electronic gazettes is online sale.

*** Trend of online sale of flowers is the amazing thing but it is growing most vigorously.

*** There are more than 100 Indian cyber hubs who are offering online shopping facility.

*** On line travelling booking graph is going on higher side on daily basis and experts of fields says that in very near future about 75 to 80 % of such booking will be done online only.

*** It is also estimated that in very very near future about 60% sale of reliable electronic companies will be online sale.

*** During the last three years statics for online consumers has shown a sounding 30% annual growth.

This all is happening in a country where still about 35 carores of people are below the poverty line and about 27 carores of people are shopping only on the special occasions.

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