Monday, May 14, 2007

Divorce : Reasons

It is the real beauty of the blogging that some times you are forced to write on the topic, which is not in your schedule or about which you had never thought, presently under the influence of the same status I am writing this article. It all was started with " I wish to have divorce" and went on to " Divorce: Some Facts". Before coming to topic it will be helpful to know what is marriage and what is the importance of marriage in human life, after all what is the divorce, nothing but an extremist situation where we are forced to discontinue one of the most attractive relationship [marriage] of human life.
Reproduction is the key that keeps the species intact on the earth and among the livings only human beings are with the capacity of giving birth to young ones through out the years, where as for other livings, not only animals but also plants there is a specific breeding season, beside that human are social animals, hence to regularized and socialized the sexuality, among the human tradition of marriage was started since the early dawn of civilisation. Indian believe in rebirth hence here marriage is a relation that goes on for many births, even the europeans are also looks supporters of this thought as they also have a faith in the "Marriage are arranged in heaven". In our country physical relations are given laser importance but it is also fact that these are the first step for the spiritual and constant relations. it is often said sexuality is the first step of the staircase that will take you in the sky of spirituality. It is essential for salvation that crimination must be done by your marriage born son, this also emphasizes importance of marriage for human life. In the recent times some countries have started compulsory registration of marriage to keep the population under check and control. We Hindus are the believers of the fact that marriage is conjugation of two souls, who progressed side by side, helping each other , towards the salvation, the ultimate aim of human life, hence in our society divorce is an abuse word. Due to technical advancement and lowering of the morals many abuse words like the corruption are included in the human life dictionary , word divorce is also getting momentum for inclusion in this dictionary.
REASONS OF DIVORCE As per the laws of various countries,the following reasons for divorce might be considered sufficient grounds for the dissolution of a marriage: adultery, cruelty, abandonment, incurable insanity, felony conviction or incarceration,addiction to drugs or alcohol, and a consistent period of separation between a husband and wife. Where as if we go as per the views of the family legal experts, they enlist the following reasons for the divorce:poor communication, financial problems, lack of commitment, infidelity, and dramatic changes in individual priorities. Physical, emotional, mental, and substance abuses are also cited as reasons for divorce.
To me for divorce there is just one and one reason and that is lack of understanding and adjustment. Marriage is the union of two individuals, who were born and brought up in different social and family atmosphere, with a own vision to the relations in the human life, each of them have their own ambitions and here we need the tools of understanding and adjustment. We have to be alert in understanding the socio-family atmosphere of each others, so that we can create ample scope for the fulfillment of our ambitions, this adjustment is the only key for the success of marriage life, as this adjustment will allow us to know the importance of us for the each other. By applying these tools of understanding and adjustment we can keep divorce away from our life, in graveyard of the dictionary.

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