Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Blogging Tips

rWhat is Blogging :
Clear concept are the key to success, so before start make sure about the clarity of your concept as to me "Blogging to me, is nothing else but the expression of my thoughts and views , the end product of my thought process, in the written format".
Beauty of Blogging :
You can add a photo to your blog posting to bring beauty and grace, do remember as we all know that cardohydrates are the most essential part of our food, but eating only will not serve the purpose, similarly photos are essential for bringing beauty and grace to blogging but posting just a photo is not blogging, make it a part of your blog post not the whole blog post.
Use of Photo :
Give an attractive caption if it is some what irrelevant to your blog post.Avoid repetition of Photo, as human being are with best memory for what the see over what they read.
Length of the Post
This the most crucial part that defines your success as blogger. You have to be very very careful about the length of your blog posting. Don't bother about what critics says if you feel that you will be able to convey your thoughts, share information in few words or few lines, ignore the views of critics.
This is yet another important aspect of blogging, before publishing a post have a second look on appearance of it. Be careful about the order of presentation of facts and highlighting of them.
Friends let me allow to say the originality of written knowledge starts and ends with "Veda" everything else we are reading is , copied and inspired. We have to remember that in the blogging world we can found a thousands of people are thinking on our line of thoughts and as our basic knowledge is same so there are very high possibilities of reaching to same conclusion, in this case to which one you will call original one. We also have to keep it our minds that almost 90% of human behavior is the result of copy.
I had never purchased a book by counting its pages. if you are using more words it doesn't means that you are a quality bloggers. In our day to day life we come across with situations where we observe a Single word become more effective over the several words. So next time when you think about quality keep this in your mind.

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