Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Maa Ke Dudh Ka Karz Kanhan Koin Uttat Payaega,
Samajh Gaya Jo Jisko Wohi Beta Kahlayaega
[ No body in this world is in the position of returning the loan of mother's feeding, only A true son can realise this thing in this universe.]

Today is the mothers day, in my view this is the lowest end of our moral character that today we are celebrating a day to give thanks to a personality whose has done so much for us, that if we worship for whole life, serve her for many births , even scarifying self for smallest smile will not sufficient to meat with the billion part of her affection, trouble, and care that she has taken to make us able to see and live in this world. Just imagine there is a piece of thinnest and smallest piece of thron in your flesh, for what period of time you can keep that unmovable thron in your flesh? Will we ever be in position of compensating her, for keeping and nourishing us for 280 days [40 weeks] inside her body? One day Goddess Laxmi asked Lord Vishnu, Why he is taking Avtar from time to time, Lord Vishnu replied it is not the evil action of some devils because he has power's to destroy those devils from the place where is seating but still he prefer to go on earth only because earth is the place where he can feel the affection and care of mother. In Hindus Shani's Sade sati is said to be most trouble some period of life, but many of us are not aware that it is a boon that if you bow to feet of your mother for only 80 days shani will not be in the position of harming you. So dear friends don't celebrate just one annual day for her, start your each day by worshiping her and end the day with blessings from her...........

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