Saturday, June 16, 2007

Spiritual World : June 16, 2007

Being a very stronger follower of Ad Guru Dhansri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I am starting my this new series " Spiritual World" A thought to start day with, I believe that Kripa Nidhan [Merciful] , My lord and Master Guru Nanak Dev Ji will bless me by making my writing truly inspiring and full of truth.

I am going to start with a few starting lines from Living God Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and request you all that what ever your are going to read is not a translation but is my own interpretation, If you find it wrong do excuse me because my wisdom may not be as higher of yours and try to bless me with your suggestion.

Satnam Waheguru

Ik-on'kar Satnam kartpurakh nirbha-o nirvair akal murat ajuni saibha'n.Jap. Ad Sach Jugad Sach. Hai bhi Sach Nanak hosi bhi sach 1

The one and only one the creator of the universe, known with numerous name, prayed and worshiped in various different styles is a single identity called Ik-on'kar. His Name is reflecting truth everything which is beyond his name or without inclusion of his name is untruth or can't be taken in consideration as the truth. He exist every where with the starts and remains there till the end.
He is the one who is performing since the beginning of the life hence he is "Kartapurakh" who give strength needed and guide us in every act of our life. He is fearless so by making our selves fearless we can go nearer to him. He is free from the hate also hence being his followers and creation we must be behave like the ambassadors of love, because he had created us on own model the only difference is that we are bound in the cycle of birth and death where as he is free from it.
Guru Nanak Says his name is beyond the abolishing effect of time, his name was truth, his name is truth and will remain truth.

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