Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Political Play

Political Play

India the land of peace, understanding and mutual co-operation seems to be polarized on the recent nuclear treaty, it is not only the opposition that is on the other side of the decision of the government, as it happens in usual ways of democratic setups but one of the friendly political party, supporting coalition government, is putting a hard voice and showing intentions of even withdrawing support to government. Just look how the left is dictating the terms with their 65 members of Parliament in the house of 545 members. Ruling UPA is with house strength of 217 members, and if the external support of these 65 members is withdrawn than government will came in the minority and President of India will be forced to announce pre term elections, because the political situations are such that neither BJP headed NDA [186 members] nor the third front [136 members] are in the position of giving new government. The hard lines taken by Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and left leadership on the issue are holding over than 110 crores Indians as hostage for their ego clash. Political analyzers have started to look at political scene that might emerge if the country is forced to face pre term elections but if we look at ground realities we will find that certain following situations are against the preterm election.

  1. Just look at the statement, of Shri. L.K.Adwani leader of NDA, “We don’t think that this is proper time to dislodge this government.” It also indicates opposition is not prepared to face the midterm election. It is possible that in all probabilities NDA will not support any “No confidence move” initiated by left in the house.
  2. With the time wisdom of common men is grown and a visible faith on scientists and professional over the politicians is going to become new identification mark of Indian youth. The interesting thing is that all the scientists and technical professional are finding this treaty in favor of the country. Beside this left parties are also aware of the lost ground in their strongest hold West Bengal, due to agitation for farmers protesting against SEZ. Internal clashes are weakening party in their second strong hold Kerala and in the rest of country their presence and effect can easily brought down to earth.
  3. BJP and NDA are not happy with the recently shifting of news focus over the Prakash Karant and few other left leaders, so they will not leave any space for making these villain in the vision of common Indians.
  4. No political party is with the leaders to match with the fame of Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Singh, BJP might have dared for it but bad health of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and low acceptability of Lal Krishna Adwani is ceasing their fate.
  5. Over all, all the political parties are aware of the fact that common man is become fade of political stability and if the preterm elections are held at this moment only congress party will be benefited from it.

So dear, don’t be so worry, wait with patience, this is a passing shower of unseasoned rain and the so called political stability of the country will return to normalcy in very short future.

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