Saturday, August 11, 2007

1,2 and 3 Miss the century

1,2 and 3 Miss the century In the cricket one thing is commonly said "He started the inning from the where the last one was left" . In the morning I have ended my post about the Sourav Ganguli with the note that we Indian believe a lot in luck so I am starting this with same. It is unfortunate that third and final test at Oval against England will go in the history with 1,2 and 3 names of Indian batesman who missed the century here in the first inning. The trend started by Dinesh Kartik was kept on going first by the Sachin and followed by "Dhonewala, Dhamkedar" Dhoni but all three have insured India's series win after 21 years. There are very dull chances of loosing the test by India who scored over 550 runs in unfinished first inning before the tea brak on the second day. I am disappointed because once again Sachin missed the magical three figure mark. It might not be working in favour of this little master he is missing century again and again if this trend remains on going my dream of reading or listining the news "Sachin Completed 100 centuries in the International cricket" will remain only in my eyes and mind without touching the surface of reality. Dhoni might was in the mood of celebrating his capataincy for 20-20 world cup he scored 92 runs just of 81 balls before including himself in the list of missing the century. Anyway it is after a quite long time to see India team is playing as team even Kumbale has contributed over the fifty mark. Wishing Indian team celbration of series win in advance.

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