Thursday, August 30, 2007

Being on Top

Being on Top

Indira Gandhi, Famous Indian politician and former Prime Minister Of India, Bala Saheb Thakre, a cortoonist turned politician, Amitabh Bachan, an actor with unmatched success run, Lata Manheshkar, playback Singer, Dr. Indira Hinduja, Gynecologist, instrumental hand behind the birth of first test tube Indian baby, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, an industrialist, with amazing but hard to believe success story, if you have been asked to choose a common in all these, you will be surely surprised, they all are from different fields of life, born and brought up in different socio-economic environment, they had worked with different ideology and in different era, even their gender is not common, hold your surprise for a little more, I am going to answer it for you.

Indira Gandhi, born in the most famous political family of country and become famous as symbol of strength and authority of Indian woman. Balasaheb's Hindu supporting political vision has made him the strongest political power in Maharashta state of India. A.B. or Big B born in the family of famous poet Harivanshrai and become symbol of expression of youth anger on Indian Silver Screen. Sangli born Lata, was born in the family having an attraction for music, her sweet soft voice which vibrates with musical beats fetched for her, undisputed kingly status in Indian Film Industry. To the success of Dhiru Bhai we can give one and only one title" A Journey of dust particle to the Galaxy". They all are toppers of their respective fields, they have given a new meaning and height to success in their field and created non destroyable impressions by their never before and amazing success.

Reaching to Top

It is not possible for every desire to reach its destination, every working person is symbolizing success but just few are among the toppers. The simple formula of reaching to top is the implementation of phrase "There is always vacant space at your top”. The recipe of reaching top is composed of simple ingredients like

A bit of Luck

A good amount of knowledge

Some thick pieces of desire to look differ from lot

A sufficient long and persisting will to work hard

A real huge utensil of power of imagination and unique ideas, to cook on the fire of zeal and enthusiasm.

Reaching to top is not a difficult task in fact it is among the simplest tasks of the life. Your difficulties, which were generating a fear within you for reaching to top, start getting only after you reach to top because it is the height from where one can slip downward, surface movers are free from this.

Remaining on Top

The first challenge that will challenge your place on the top is your ability of coping with the expectations, one of the worst word from the dictionary, before reaching to top you was one among the common hence nobody was expecting anything from you but by reaching to top you had made yourself special and people started staring at you with excepting eyes for the delivery of something extra ordinary and guiding one from you.

You have to be innovative at every moment as you will have to get the work done in different and most effective style. Success is not the following the established standards and norms but is creating new ones for the others. You have raised yourself from the crowded place but there is space vacant above, you yourself can go there but can't prevent others from going there.

You need to be polite and adjustable, windy storms never harm gross and herbs because they know the art of bending but huge tress have to suffer loss of some of their strongest branches which try to remain straight against these storms.

You must be very calculative and selective in expression of your reactions, timely and proper expressions hold the key for keeping your place intact. This aspect is related with your inner power hence you must hold a clear and loudly visible concept of spirituality.

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