Monday, August 13, 2007

Teacher: The Best Educator

It might a co-incident that yesterday night I was watching or more correctly listening,because it is my habit when I am working I always keep my TV set on, hindi movie "Good Boys Bad Boys" and read a new about the misconduct by some girl students at a Private school at Sydney. It only tempted me to write this but recalled the days of my life as the teacher when I used to say " We are here at school not just for completing syllabus of the subject thought by us, but it is our moral duty to see that our student must go into their future social life as a good responsible citizen." and try my Laval best to achieve it. I recall my chemistry teacher V B Nagar Sir's words , when I was about to start my teaching career " See if you can make even a single student value respecting person in the whole year, count that year in successful years of your life".
coming back to Sydney news some girl students started to leave marks of their lipstick loaded lips on the mirrors in the bathrooms, it was troublesome for the staff to clean the mirror in the night before the next day break, when it went on for several days and even the expel warning prove ineffective than Principal thought to give a practical lesson to these few girl students, she called all the students to bathroom and the maintenance staff and told " See, since last few days we are facing a problem regarding the cleanness of the school even our expel warning proved insufficient to prevent some of you from leaving marks of lipstick loaded lips on the mirrors. After all school is not my personal property we all are using this premises and it is our moral duty to keep it clean, so I decided to give you all a demo at how your this silly action is making difficult the job of maintenance staff, now Mr. Chapel will give the way that they have adopted to clean the lip marks left by you on the mirror." Mr.Chapel came forward, took a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it.
Yes dear your guss is correct from that day onwards no marks of lips are found on the mirrors of the bath room.

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