Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Sixty

Just Sixty

It is just reaching to midnight of 60th Independence Day of India, when I thought of writing for my blog after almost whole day of patriotic telecast on various T V channels. At this hour my mind is so loaded with this sixty such that I can't even think of anything else. In fact I am unable to determine is this effect of overdose of sitting before the TV screen or influence of my inner world's inspiration that I am coming with this article "Just Sixty". I recall a incident from my childhood a saint visited my father's dispensary and I didn't bowed properly to touch his feet. When saint went away father called me " listen son, you may not bow to a person for the wisdom but as the mark of respect to the age of the person you must bow". In our Indian traditions there is a special celebration called "Shashatipurti" which is celebrated to mark ones sixtieth birthday. Being a science student my vision to 60 hold a different aspect also. sixty is a two digit number and human population is result of fusion of two, there are two other abodes for human after the death, Heaven and Hell, economically human beings are either rich or poor, it is said there are only two basic tastes Sweat and Sour, every coin holds two sides Head and Tail and finally human life remains under the influence either of divine powers or ill spirits.

Now we turn to two digits "6" and "0" of sixty. In our daily life we know this Zero holds the power changing the value to a great extent. It is said that Zero indicates vacuum and vacuum in the other words is space, look at how the inventions and discoveries related to space are affecting human life. In the numerology Zero is considered among the powerful numbers that brings some transformational changes in a profound manner. It holds such a great intensity that special caution become essential to ensure that extremes are not encountered. Zero is denoted by an empty circle the emptiness symbolizes the death while the circle indicates the totality of the life.

You might recall your childhood, you often jump with joy when the dice shows this number six, in the cricket six are the most possible runs, it is said number six indicates six things, luck, love, health, beauty, chance and win simultaneously and who can dare to deny the importance, influence and affect of these six on day to day life of human beings. If you look into the history seal of Solomon was with six points. For the Chinese six hold a great significant value as for them day and night each is composed of six periods and hence six represents universe. Christianity looks at six as the symbol of perfection and creation as it was the sixth day when man was created. Hebrew symbolizes six for the meditation and intelligence. According to Indian philosophy there are six philosophical systems. The Six Capacities of Our Human Spirits are (1) self-transcendence, (2) freedom, (3) creativity, (4) love, (5) anxiety, & (6) joy. Numerologists say that six is most productive of all numbers and equilibrium, harmony and balance all three can be represented by number six. I would like to conclude this with the six rays of the solar wheel.

Let us wait and watch the magical influence of this just sixty on the India, who is still with the hangover of the celebrations of 60th Independence Day.

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