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India: Third World Country

India: Third World Country

Thatwas my first overseas trip and sun was just awaking, being get prepared for providing life to earth, when wheels of my plane were about to touch the runway of world’s most busy airport Newyark. I was wondering about the technology used here for various works, which are being done in my country with the use of human power. All of sudden I voice interfered my thought process saying that my luggage got checked and I can collect that near to exit. I was about to leave when whispering to two officers diverted my attention, “poor fellow”, “I think he is from India, the third world country?” was the first voice which was replied by second voice” Shit on our government”, “I can’t understand why we are allowing these creatures from the undeveloped countries to get landed on the earth of America?” Before I say something both entered into a room there and now the walls have taken them away from my vision. I shacked my head and started pulling my steps towards the exit gate. All the way to my hotel, seating on the back seat of taxi I was thinking “Is being Indian, native of so called third world is an abuse word in America?” “Does the citizens of the third world countries are the inferior human?” Before my questionnaire gets further shape I was at hotel. Let me introduce myself I am a retired science teacher who had landed on American surface for a prize ceremony to be held at Chicago on the next day evening and I being the winner was invited and will have just day for my stay at the city as on next day at early morning I will be on the flight heading towards Chicago. Being a writer, it was a busy day for me, as I wish to utilize this opportunity to have a look on the life style of the city, but when at night I was on bed again the word “Third World” collided with my mind.

Every journey means reaching to particular destination. Beginnings always carry with self ending. So as this time, as there was no hurdles hence my thought process succeeded in entering the territory of conclusions. What I concluded that being a citizen of third world is not a thing of shame but in fact it is a matter of proud. Whatever may the rest of the world say or whatever may be their vision but when they consider my conclusions surely will be forced to change their attitude towards looking at we, the Indians. Don’t have a deep cold respire; I am going to share with you all the points that helped me to reach to conclusions.

Starting with our human society, irrespective of geographical location, political views or way of governance, every human society is divisible into just three classes, this is because the present era is the era of economics, everything is being revolved around the axis of money, Upper class, Lower class and middle class. As for as responsibility of setting the norms of social behavior is concerned it lies at the hands of middle class, which is said to be mixture of goods of upper and bads of lower class but in the true sense represents the human society as the other two classes can be taken as the extremist ends of the human society.

As per our own Indian philosophy of life human beings are composed of or the holders of three qualities, Rajas, Tamas and Satvik. Rajas quality make human hungry of power and utilizing all the available comforts only for the self, Where as for the humans with Tamas quality every thing starts and ends with the physical satisfactions, the ultimate aim of life for them means fulfillment of physical wants. Where as the Satvik quality make human to think about the source of comfort, and its effect on human society before start enjoying that comfort. Here what we are observing developed countries are trying to keep all the technologies of life comforts under their control and undeveloped countries are willing to enjoy that. The developing countries, so called third world, like India are keeping the balance of these two so the existence of human societies on earth remains intact for the longer period of time.

I know techno addicted population will not flow with above arguments and still prefer to call rubbish to all this, hence here is something for them also. It is very primitive and basic fact of science, an atom is composed of three particles namely Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. The farmer two can be taken as extremist end with opposite properties to each other starting with presence of Negative and positive charges respectively. The third particle neutron which not only helps in increasing the moss of atom but also determine certain specific properties of atom, which is the source of the nuclear energy to which we are looking as our future constructive as well as destructive weapon. The so called “Third World” can be taken as this most powerful particle of atom “Neutron” because it the behavior of human societies from these countries that not sets the guidelines for all but also leads the human ocean for the social change. The increasing demands in the global market for the Indian Yoga and Ayurvedic are not only supporting my views but also underlining the importance of the so called third world for the world human societies.

So friends next time when you heard word “Third World” in reference of self don’t allow to develop any kind of inferior complex within the self but feel a proud of being so because you are the front runner of the field of social change.

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