Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My views about my unfinished Dream

18 Jan 2012 3:03 am
This is the time when I am starting to write this, before I write about my dream and my analytical views of this dream let me tell you that this doesn’t happen regularly that I get so early though getting up between 4:30 am and 5:30 am is normal part of my daily routine.  
I know you all eager to read about my dream but still you need to have patience for that as I wish to quote here that out of four brothers and three sisters I am the sixth one, and enjoy status of popular person of the society at local level and being known as person with very very strong will power.

My Unfinished Dream
          This dream starts with a medical report or more significant a blood test report of me, which was referred to a doctor other than my family doctor, by my younger brother, who concluded that person, is suffering from blood cancer and will die in next two months. [This might be interesting to know for all of you that my younger brother is living at a distance of about 1,000 K.M from the city where I live, both my family doctor and one referred by my younger brother were from my city.]
Continuing with my dream, my mother, who had finished her physical existence almost a decade ago, intercepts when I was about to beat my younger brother for referring my blood report to another doctor and hiding the views of that medical practitioner. Scene changes I am with the doctor refereed by younger brother telling him to narrate what happen to me, saying I am brave enough to face whatever happens to me.
Again scene changes I had finished my performance at reality show Dance India Dance and paying thanks to Grand Master Mithun Da for giving me this opportunity to share dying moments of my life with public and gave away message that life those ends even when you are aware of forthcoming death. All this was happening in the city where I was born and presently my younger brother is living.
Continuing with my unfinished dream, I have been selected for the next round to perform on song of choice of judges, but in the enthusiasm of being selected to next round I forget to ask judges about the song. I had started searching where judges are staying; my search starts with city of my birth and ends with a place from my present city at a distance of about 1,000 K.M. I am standing in front of office of one of friend and finding yet another friend, photographer by profession, I ask him about the staying place of judges.
Here my dream ends and this breaks my sound sleep which I enjoy regularly.

My Analysis of Dream

          Before I start this I would like to share a few things with all of you, [1] I am a person with very high imagination powers but seldom dreams during sleep as I am habituated of enjoying uninterrupted sound sleep.  [2] A few day back [on 13 Jan] I have uploaded a photo to my face book account with caption “Dare to face Real Examination are entitled for the Achievement of Mental Satisfaction” indicating dreams. [3] On the 15th Jan I was discussing with younger in laws about the dreams and suggesting them that dreams are nothing but the result of thought process of our unconscious mind. [4] Recently husband of my elder sister died due to cancer. [5] Yesterday night before going to bed I watched episode of Dance India Dance telecasted on 14 Jan on the internet.
          Here is my analysis for this dream. [1] I went under this dreaming experience just because since past few days my unconscious mind was thinking about dreams. [2] My brother in law who died of cancer was close to my heart and my life is inspired with life style of him. [3] My younger brother and I love each other much more than what we express. [4] Friends of my present city are holding importance equal to that of relatives in my life. [5] Off course Dance India Dance is one of my favorite T V program. [6] This dream proves that dreams are nothing but expression of our desires and end product of thought process of our unconscious mind. [8] I person always finding attraction and feeling attached with birth place. [8] Work place also holds importance equal to that of birth place in the life of human beings. [9] Last but not least my mother holds a great influence and importance in my life though physically she is not with me.   

Challenge to my Friends

          If you are interested in analysis of dreams or hold expertise in the field of dreams and human behavior do write your views about this unfinished dream as comment to this blog.

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