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Sixth Scene : Sixth Element

Year 2003 some where on the earth
Scene one
A person walking restlessly across the boundaries of heavily decorated and sufficiently large room of building. His walks get inter reputed only when he reaches to windows on the either sides of the room and puts his eager eyes either on whales or on the Kangaroos, but neither the pleasant swimming strokes of whales nor the affectionate moments of kangaroos proved a medicine for his eagerness. All of sudden a person with stared neck tie and three peace suit entered into room and walking get stopped as railway engines moments at red signal. “Do you know Mr. President, our star leg spinner is found positive for dope test?”
President: Yes I got this message my way to here but don't worry it will not prove an obstacle and we will win the world cup. Make arrangement for bringing back the player and ask him to issue a press release that as he respects the game more than himself so he is withdrawing his name from the country's national team."
"Very Good plan sir, it will communicate world that we are sporting nation and for us no one is rated higher than the game."

Scene two [A few month after]
Same room, same two persons are seating with Captain and coach of the national team.
Captain: Mr. President we win the world cup but if we go with this win and did not do any thing special than remember this will be our last victory.
Coach: Yes Mr. President, Captain of that south eastern country is developing his team that not only will be equal in our famous arrogant field behavior but surely will defeat us in the game also.
President: What about the teams of hoists of this world cup and of coming world cup?
Captain : As for as the hoist of coming world cup is concerned they are still not realized that their victorious past is a thing that gone with the time, beside that their whole team is centered to just one player, it is true that one player has broken many world records but no one single handed can drove the ship. Salt of wound is that they are without their famous pace attack and reports says that will remain so for at least next five six years.
Coach : The hoist team of present team is on the breaking point and it will took almost about two years to think about the rebuilding of the national team and after that the time left will go against them and surely we will be in the position of winning the next 2007 world cup.
President: It means if we stop the progress of that south east country we are assured to win next world cup?
Captain and Coach: You can say that Sir.
President: I have a plan for not only that south east country but also for the adjoining two other world cup winner countries. Mr. Richard asks our past players, commentators and other media persons to stress the need of foreign coach for this country. Announce unofficially that every article written, every live discussion generated, on this topic will be awarded with a reward of ten thousand dollars.
Mr. Richard: Do you think Mr. President that this will work?
President: Mr. Richard, My knowledge about you says that you was student of history and amazingly didn't know the history of that south east country? Thanks Mr. Coach and Captain, You both can go; we will see that in the next world cup that south eastern country will perform very poorly.
Captain and coach go out and President leaves the chair for a walk in the room.
Mr. Richard: President Sir! If you don't take otherwise may I know a bit more about your plan?
President: Not a bit but I will tell you all, as you have to execute this plan. As I told you your history is very very week the people of that country have a tendency of tolerance and are with very short memories that’s why British ruled over them for more than two centuries, they are also with an attitude of blaming self and this has helped Queen's administrators to implement Divide and rule police with a great success. We will have to utilize these points.
Mr. Richard: But sir I still can't understand the role of coach?
President: Did you know Richard, Who is the strongest official in a football team?
Mr. Richard: Off course Sir it is coach.
President: The same status I wish to see in that country and I have a name in my mind also.
Mr. Richard: Who is that fellow?
President: Do you know the famous three brothers, though the younger one has not touched the high fame but history will never forget his under arm ball.
Mr. Richard: I got sir, but as for as my knowledge goes one is busy with his other professional commitments, second one had tried to be coach of that country and failed, while the third one, even our neighboring country will not think of appointing him as coach?
President: I know that, send a message to Mr. G.G. and fix my meeting with him I will explain him how to become coach of that country and how to work in the national interest? Now I am leaving.
Scene Three [After a few days]
Mr. Richard and Mr. G are seating in front of President.
President: So Mr. G, we need your help?
Mr.G.: Yes President, Mr. Richard has told me about that but I can't understand how this will happen?
President: Don't bother about that, you will go there with a definite plan, all you have to control your family's rebel nature. We never forget how your brother was instrumental in the world series of the game.
Mr. G : Do you think Mr. President, knowing my last attempt will that country appoint me as there national coach?
President: Yes dear, things have changed a lot since your last attempt. Present captain of that country is a great admire of you and will support your appointment beside that we have success in converting a few board members also in the favor of appointing a foreigner coach.
Mr. G: But still I don't think that they will agree to my fees?
President: Here you will have to compromise, but we will try to compensate the economic loss.
Mr. G: O.k. than tell me about your plan.
President: All you have to do is implement Divide and Rule policy. The chief selectors has a personal bios about the captain as he thinks that he has been dropped out from the national team, due to the promotion and support of captain to a technically strong batsman by asking him to keep the wickets, so he will help you to achieve your first target of removing the captain.
Mr. G: Mr. President this will not be fair I will be appointed with the help of captain and I have to remove the captain as my first target?
President: Yes dear, this is the true politics you have to destroy the stairs that had given you high post, beside that present captain is choosing and boosting the young talent which will work against us in the next world cup, so it is necessary to remove him. This will also help you in achieving your second target of shacking the confidence of that team. You know people of that country have always a high preference to emotions over the thoughts.
Mr. G: So I have to work on a plan with 1] Removal of present captain, 2] Shacking the confidence and moral of team, 3] Try to shorten the status of the Genius player of the game and 4] make it sure that team selected for the next world cup doesn't have faith not only in their own abilities but also with each other. 5] I have to utilise the local media who thinks that Western country people are always correct.
President: So, now onwards we will meet only after the world cup, we don't wish to allow any doubt generated about us. Remember our full strength will support you behind the curtain but publicly we will meet only on official occasions.
Scene Four [After almost one Year]
Capital city of a country,
Board members and President are discussing in a room of a five star hotel.
South Representative: I think we must agree to "Vision 2007" candidate?
North Representative: No, in my views our native coach is batter option for us. The game runs in his blood, his father was a national legend of the game, his two brothers are well known names in the game, he himself was man of match in the semi final and final of the world cup that we win.
West Representative: But how can I forget that he called selectors "A bunch of Joker"?
East Representative: Han Yar, Us Samay par tum bhi to selector the. [Yes, at that time you were also a selector] [A laugh is generated]
President: I think we reached to conclusion of appointing Vision 2007 candidate as the national coach on the basis of
1] Our captain and chief selector are supporting his appointment.
2] Candidates idea of commando training to players is unique and will leave us with a scope of showing to countryman that we are very much sincere about the game.
3] His suggestion of giving chance to players from small cities will reflect that we wish to allow the growth of the game and are not afraid of the established names of the game.
4] More important that he agreed to cut his fees by 10% what he asked during his last attempt two three years back. [Western representative whispered to eastern "President is forgetting almost 60% hike in perks.”] So we can say that we are not wasting board's money.
Scene Five [Three months after the appointment .......]
1] Captain dropped from the team on the grounds of farm, fitness and so called more interest in earning money.
2] Genuine Fast bowler produced in the country, after the captain of world cup winner team, has been asked to concentrate more on the bating so he can developed as all rounder.
3] Shuffling of batting order started, so no player can have a confidence in the abilities of self.
4] A player that performs well has been asked to seat out in the next game under the fancy name of Talent search and building the team for the next world cup.
5] Seeds of humiliating and ignoring the proven talent by statements like "the world class spinner is not fit for the shorter version of the game.
This is all an imaginary work and doesn't relate to any person or nation, if you found any resemblances, it is product of your mischievous mind . I will be happy if any of reader can construct the sixth scene.

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