Sunday, April 08, 2007


Classified Advertisement:-Indian cricket team is in search of new coach. Highest posible salary with at the will perks are the economic benefits related with the post. If you found any or all of the followings on your assets side you are most suitable candidate for the post. Aply in confidence [ this will be last chance to your confidence because after this, for rest of life you will be in search of confidence].
Qualifications / Requirements related with post:-1] You must be a well known name of game [ Not necessarly a successful one] and famous for your conflicts with your country game authorities or with the authorities on the field. 2] You must be famous for your harsh treatment with collegues and so called stragical tactics of creating unrealistic problems, must be expert in destroying the faithful atmosphere of dressing room.3] You must be master of qualities of politicians so in the case of defeat can put forward the suitable and digestable reasons of defeat for public in general.4] You must well known with the popet show as here your behaviour and reactions will change not only according to direction of board authorities but you have to accomodated the will of captain and senor players.5] You must be good at history as by this you will came to known that in India Kings and Princes are still in existence and lessons of history will guide you for the way in which you can behave with them.6] You must be capable of handling the presure genrated by the irrelevant statements and behaviour of board officials. Here in this country you will found that even the barbers are the experts of the game.7] You must have vision of Arjun, who kept his all concentration at the bird's eye, similarly all your focus must be centered at your own economic benefits.
Look in your interior and if you think you are capable to enter in this economic river for life time fillow of wealth react know without wasting time.

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